Jimmy Fallon Talks Donald Trump, Politics, And Alcohol With Rachel Maddow [Video]

Jimmy Fallon had the unique privilege of hosting Rachel Maddow, television host of the Rachel Maddow Show and political commentator, on August 20, 2015. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon rarely gets so much political know-how in one show!

The topic Rachel talked about the most, however, was Donald Trump – the man that “made it so easy” to talk about politics on a regular basis. His blunt and comical behavior makes it “a blessing” for those in the media (and in comedy, as Jimmy Fallon noted), as it makes their job “so much easier.”

“It’s a blessing for us… I don’t know about for the country, but for us, yeah.”

Rolling Stone brought up some of Rachel’s spot-on points about Trump and how she isn’t sure that he truly wants to be President.

“Donald Trump is supposedly running this giant business empire, but he’s taking a few months off to run for president in his spare time while doing nothing on his business and everything seems to be fine. I don’t think he usually has to work very hard, so I can’t imagine being president seems like fun. Maybe he could be elected and then he’d outsource it to somebody… China will do it for three dollars, it turns out!”

Maddow explained that Trump is most likely trying to gain leverage on either Democrats or Republicans with his particular game. If Donald rides on the Republican ticket (and doesn’t go out as an Independent), the Republicans will “owe him forever,” but if he does run as an Independent, he’ll be “taking away votes from the Republican candidate,” therefore securing a win for the Democratic candidate, and then that candidate will “owe him forever.” Rachel went on to explain what she feels Trump’s real goal is.

“He will never have more power than he has right now. Either way this goes, whether he runs as an Independent or he doesn’t, half of the country’s political infrastructure is going to owe him for the rest of their lives.”

Thankfully, Maddow brought something to ease the pain that political talk brings – alcohol. Maddow brought her skills with cocktails to the stage, and she mixed one right in front of the audience with Jimmy Fallon. Eater noted that Rachel tried to warn Jimmy Fallon the drink might not be that good.

“Maddow quickly admits that it’s not very good: ‘I have to tell you, it’s a terrible drink.’ She then shakes the mixture with ‘some Donald Trump-branded special Swarovski ice’ while Fallon does an incredible impression of the real estate mogul.”

Jimmy clearly made a mess of himself while mixing up the cocktail, as noted by Maddow herself.

The lime, dark rum, sloe gin, and apricot liqueur were mixed together to make “The Millionaire” cocktail, which the two happily imbibed at the end. After all this political talk, the viewers at home could be sure that the two television hosts desperately needed the drink!

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube Channel]