WWE News: Dolph Ziggler Talks Re-Signing With The Company, ‘WWE 2K16’ Development, & The Appeal Of NXT

Retaining key talent is generally a strong suit for the spots entertainment behemoth known as WWE. Dolph Ziggler, a two-time world champion and celebrated fan favorite, recently re-upped with the company despite the fact that a number of smaller promotions, including TNA, Ring of Honor, and Global Force Wrestling, would have undoubtedly relished a chance to land the blonde-coiffed grappler on their rosters. As reported by the Inquisitr last month, Ziggler inked a new deal with WWE while he was shooting a film for the company’s cinematic division, WWE Films. Ziggler himself recently spoke with the Miami Herald and explained the factors which led him to stick with his current gig.

“My contract was coming up, and I was weighing a bunch of different option,” Ziggler said. “I had a lot of outside offers to do some other things. Instead I decided to settle on doing the thing I love the most and working for WWE. WWE has given me an out where any days off that I have they allow me to work on outside projects. So it’s a win-win for everybody. I don’t miss any work. I get to keep doing what I love.”

Ziggler also spoke on the rise of WWE NXT and what the success of the up-and-coming talent means to WWE, to Dolph Ziggler himself, and to wrestling fans around the world. He touted NXT’s recent show at the Barclays Center over SummerSlam weekend as an indication of NXT’s appeal and growth.

“NXT is exploding as a brand. It’s very in right now,” Ziggler noted. “You want to be an NXT fan. They sold out Barclays Center for a show. How cool is that? I’m very happy for those guys. To have them [‘WWE 2K16’] is amazing. They were a developmental system in WWE and breaking out into their own brand. Now they are in the video game. If that doesn’t make them hungry and want to steal my spot, nothing will.”

Also featured in the next big video game release for WWE, Dolph Ziggler hailed WWE 2K16 for its attention to detail and realism.

A mid-card stalwart for WWE, Dolph Ziggler had a big match with Rusev at SummerSlam. As reported by SB Nation, the wrestlers fought to a “no finish,” which came in the form of a double count-out after the action spilled out of the ring. The feud between Ziggler and Rusev is expected to continue, largely with the added dimension of tension between the wrestlers’ respective on-air girlfriends, Lana and Summer Rae.

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