Jimmy Fallon Gets Competitive Playing ‘Fast Family Feud’ With Taraji P. Henson [Video]

Jimmy Fallon is a competitive guy – audiences have watched him get borderline vicious while playing games with some of his guests, though he always plays it as cool as possible. Taraji P. Henson gave him a run for his money, however, as she proved she can be pretty competitive herself this past August 18, 2015, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

When Jimmy announced that the two would be playing “Fast Family Feud” — a noticeably faster version of the classic game — Henson immediately pushed the red button in front of her. Jimmy scolded her, but Taraji was quick with her comeback.

“You are too competitive. Look at you – smoke is coming out of your ears!”

Taraji definitely had her own smoke pouring from her ears, as even when Jimmy Fallon was explaining the rules, she couldn’t help but tap the buzzer twice. Henson knows how to bring out the laughs, and she proved it with the answer to the very first question that was asked.

Entertainment Weekly noted the actor’s quick (and questionable) reaction to the otherwise harmless question.

“‘Name something in your house you hide when guests come over’ was the first question posed to Fallon and Henson. ‘The drugs!’ Henson yelled, quickly admitting it was her Empire character, Cookie, who would have to hide drugs and not her.”

To Jimmy Fallon’s great dismay, Taraji Henson’s answer was actually on the board. Jimmy managed to get even when he answered that “Santa Claus” was a “man famous for his beard.” Though the two floundered for most of the remaining questions, Taraji brought her dirty game as she heckled Jimmy endlessly.

“Jimmy,” she said, “I got this. Go home.”

What surprised audiences, more than the competitive natures of both Jimmy and Taraji, were the amount of answers on the board that one or both of the competitors didn’t know. Taraji was confused at who Dumbledore was, and both she and Jimmy Fallon could not seem to figure out how to complete the phrase, “___ balls.” Taraji tried answering with “big balls,” “blazing balls,” “brass balls,” and even “basketballs,” but Jimmy finally realized the top answer: “blue balls.” Neither Jimmy or Taraji seemed to recognize the word “amazeballs.”

MTV News could see the blood in Taraji’s eyes while she played and noted her true goals in the game.

“Let’s be clear: It’s not about winning, here. Winning is for amateurs. Taraji doesn’t want to win; she wants to crush Jimmy Fallon’s spirit and send him home weeping while she dances on the ashes of his dreams.”

After her performance that evening, the Tonight Show audience will undoubtedly want Taraji to come to the show and play more games soon — who doesn’t like watching a competitive duo duke it out?

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube Channel]