‘Suits’ Spoilers: What Lies Ahead For Mike, Rachel, And Harvey When Season 5 Resumes?

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams star in 'Suits'

The midseason finale of Suits aired Wednesday night, and fans were definitely left stunned. The episode was jam-packed with emotion and big developments, including a stunning ending. What Suits spoilers are available for what is coming in the back half of Season 5?

As fans saw in Wednesday night’s show, both Harvey and Mike ended up giving their resignation. While Harvey quit as part of a deal to save the firm, Mike did it to set up a future with Rachel. However, as it seemed that everything was ending on a relatively peaceful note, Mike was arrested.

Just who turned Mike in, and is this tied to his having lied about being a lawyer? Of course, everybody immediately jumps to this being about Mike’s lies, but some fans question the wording of how he is being arrested on conspiracy to commit fraud. Some Suits fans wonder if the arrest will turn out to be related to a case somehow, or the fabricated emails from his case with Jack Soloft, and not the secret he’s worked so hard to maintain.

Based on what executive producer Aaron Korsh shared via the Hollywood Reporter, however, it does seem that Mike’s arrest is indeed linked to his lies about his background. Korsh teases Suits spoilers that viewers won’t find out who turned Mike in during the next episode back, but it will be revealed eventually. Korsh tells TVLine that much of the back half of this season will focus not only on who turned Mike in, but also on how he will manage to get out of this bind.

Just who did turn in Mike? Many naturally will wonder if the priest turned him in to the authorities. Others wonder if Daniel Hardman and Charles Forstman could be behind this. There is some speculation circulating that perhaps the secret Soloft was keeping tied into this, or that Jack is connected to the arrest.

In addition to guesses like the priest or Hardman and Forstman, some have speculated online that perhaps it could be Rachel’s father, Robert Zane, who somehow figured it out via the issues with the wedding planning. It’s clear that fans are definitely trying to think outside the box as they consider the possibilities.

Korsh teases a bit of a Suits spoiler that in terms of the person behind Mike’s arrest, “Hopefully, it will be someone that you do not expect.”

There are already plenty of theories floating around about who turned Mike in to the police. Korsh teases Suits spoilers that there was a wide range of options, but they settled on someone as a pick that he really liked. His wording about the choice may well spark some new theories on the identity of who initiated Mike’s arrest.

Korsh says that the choice is “not necessarily poetic, but we’ve seen a lot of different reactions to people discovering Mike’s secret and this is a new reaction.” He adds that the person behind the arrest will be someone that viewers don’t necessarily see coming.

Viewers know better than to think that Harvey and Mike are truly gone from Pearson Specter Litt for good. Given Mike’s arrest, it seems likely that Harvey will look for a way to take his position back in order to defend Mike.

The Suits executive producer says that the firm will circle the wagons to handle the situation, but Hardman and Forstman are still out there as a significant threat. Given that, it’s not as if Harvey can just head back to his office without taking pause.

Season 5 of Suits resumes this winter, and Korsh says that the action will pick up just about where it left off, without any significant time jump ahead. He also makes reference to Rachel’s mom and dad finding out about Mike, which would then seemingly cancel out the idea of her dad being behind Mike’s arrest.

The remaining six episodes of the season will, naturally, be heavily focused on Mike Ross and what comes after the arrest. Will Rachel manage to stay by his side? How does Harvey handle trying to get back into the firm and keep Mike out of jail? Suits spoilers tease that everybody will be affected by this case, and viewers can’t wait to see what comes next.

Season 5 of Suits will resume with new episodes on the USA Network in early 2016. What did you think of the midseason finale?

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