WWE Rumors: Sting Winning The WWE Title Off Seth Rollins Is What’s Best For Business

At WWE Night of Champions in about three weeks, the legendary icon known as Sting will get his first ever shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title. He will face off with Seth Rollins for the title after returning a couple of days ago on Monday Night Raw, and it may be his only chance to ever win the title. If WWE knows what is good for them, they will follow Triple H’s words and let Sting win the title, as it is what’s “best for business.”

There were a lot of rumors going around that Kane as the “big red machine” and would be returning and to feud with Seth Rollins. The WWE Champ is one of the reasons he was put on the shelf for a while.

Then, it was said that the feud between Seth Rollins and John Cena would continue for a while, no matter what happened at SummerSlam. That may still end up happening to an extent and Rollins could pull double duty atNight of Champions.

Now, Sting is finally getting his chance to go after the WWE World Title, and Cageside Seats reports that decision was made just days before SummerSlam.

Seth Rollins has done a great job as the WWE Champion ever since capturing the title at WrestleMania 31. He’s led the company well while on top for the past five months, and he’s had a good reign.

Still, it wouldn’t be bad to put the WWE Title on Sting.

Bleacher Report makes the point of stating that Sting is 0-1 in WWE, and that hardly makes him a contender. Honestly, that really doesn’t matter as the guy is a legend, came into WWE, and had his first match on a major Pay-Per-View against one of the true icons of the company in Triple H.

Yes, Sting is not getting any younger (56), but that is why it’s best to put the WWE Title on him now.

Old-school wrestling fans and those that know there is life outside of WWE know who he is and are thrilled at where he is now. New and casual wrestling fans are familiar with him now, and he’s getting the same huge reaction he’s gotten throughout his career.

Pitting him against Seth Rollins is a great idea because it’s not just icon vs. icon, but icon vs. one of the brightest young stars in wrestling. This is going to be a great match, and much better than Sting’s first WWE bout.

Sting is going to bring the best out of Rollins and vice versa.

The mere thought or rumor of Sting showing up anywhere makes the ratings and buy rates go up. Finally having him in a WWE Title match will immediately up WWE Network subscriptions. Having him win the title will make those numbers go up even more, along with Raw ratings, because fans know that means Sting isn’t going anywhere and will have to defend it.

Night of Champions will likely have a number of rematches from SummerSlam, but it also has Sting vs. Seth Rollins in a match that is true history in the making. Throw the returning Dudley Boyz going after the WWE Tag Titles on there, and that is best for business.

[Image via WWE]