Was Nathan Griffith Abusive? Barbara Evans Confronts Jenelle In ‘Teen Mom 2’ Sneak Peek

Was Nathan Griffith abusive towards Jenelle Evans during their two-year relationship? In a sneak peek of tonight’s Teen Mom 2 shared by Us Weekly on August 27, Evans’ mother, Barbara, is seen confronting her about on-again, off-again fiance Nathan Griffith’s behavior.

“I came down because I wanted to know if you needed help, I wanted to know what was going on,” Barbara told Evans of Nathan Griffith. “Court or not, you’re still my daughter and since the first day I met [Nathan Griffith], I said, ‘You hurt my daughter, you’re going to answer to me.'”

“He just wrestled me for the ring, and he pulled it off my hand, and that’s all that happened,” Evans explained.

Still, her mother wasn’t convinced that Nathan Griffith hadn’t done more, and told Evans, “I just don’t want to see another guy drag you down.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Nathan Griffith is seen having a phone conversation with Evans during tonight’s new episode of the show. In addition to the sneak peek shared by Us Weekly, there was also a second sneak peek revealed by Starcasm, which featured Evans begging for Nathan Griffith to take her back.

“[Nathan Griffith], you would make me happy if we were just together again. I want you and only you. Don’t make me go out and try to find someone. Am I supposed to just sit there and let you hurt me?”

In previous episodes, Nathan Griffith and Jennelle Evans were seen at odds over the way they treat one another, and during the previous episode, which aired last week, Nathan Griffith was seen being arrested after Evans alleged he ripped her engagement ring off her finger and caused a small laceration. Although Evans seemed as if she were done with Nathan Griffith during the episode, things changed dramatically just one show later.

“I only want you. What do you not understand? Nothing is going to change. You are still going to say that you still don’t want to be with me and you want me to go find someone else. I only want you, Nathan.”

Nathan Griffith dated Evans from June 2013 until July 2015, and the couple broke up several times in between. They have one child together, Kaiser, and are currently sharing custody.

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