G.I. Mugged, Stomped by Four Thugs on Tampa Street Corner [Video]

A U.S. Army soldier walking home after his car broke down in Tampa, Florida, was set upon by four assailants in the early hours of Sunday morning as caught on this video. A resident’s motion-activated security camera recorded the vicious beating.

As reported by WSTP, 10 News, in Tampa, the incident occurred at the intersection of W. Iowa Ave. and Renellie Drive in South Tampa. According to police, a man approached the soldier, 24, who had just moved to the area, and asked to “borrow” a dollar. The suspect then sucker punched the G.I. as he reached for his wallet. Three other men then joined in the brutal beatdown.

The muggers took the soldier’s wallet and cell phone, and he had to go door to door to find someone who would call 911 at that hour (about 3 a.m.). He was admitted to Tampa General Hospital but he is expected to be okay. He is assigned to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa and lives near the base.

Police have no leads at this time as to the identities of the attackers (the video was too far away to show their faces), but are encouraging anyone with information or a tip to call them at 813-354-6600. The suspects are believed to be in their late teens or early 20s.