Bread Recall: Bimbo Bakeries Recall Numerous Bread Brands In 11 States Due To Glass Fragments

The Bimbo Bakeries USA company, which is behind numerous well-known brands of bread, has issued a massive voluntary recall. Products under the names of Great Value, Sara Lee, Kroger, and others have been recalled due to the possibility of glass fragments from a broken light bulb in the breads.

As reported by, the broken light bulb happened at one of the company’s bakeries. Three reports came in of small pieces of glass on the outside of the bread, but there were no injuries before the bread recall was issued by Bimbo Bakeries.

Alabama is just one of 11 states that the recall has been issued in. The others had Bimbo Bakeries bread products sold in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In those states, the bread is being removed from store shelves.

A full list of recalled items has been revealed and can be seen by clicking here. The list includes numerous Sara Lee bread products along with Nature’s Harvest, Bimbo, Great Value, Kroger, and L’Oven Fresh Fit.

The packages in the bread recall have “best by” dates ranging from August 29 to September 1, and there is a listed bakery code on them of 1658.

Bimbo Bakeries is based out of Horsham, Pennsylvania, and the company describes itself as the “largest baking company in the world.”

Customers who purchased the products listed in the bread recall can return them if they so wish. They can simply take them to the place of purchase and receive a full refund for their items.

It’s not known exactly how much glass may have made it into the bread dough or if any even ended up it for that matter. Bimbo Bakeries is merely doing the voluntary recall of the bread products to make sure there are no injuries and to ease the concern of its consumers.

Earlier this summer, 14 brands of bottled water were recalled over the possibility of E. coli contamination. Steps were given on how to boil the water first if consumers didn’t wish to return the items listed in the recall.

Bimbo Bakeries does not believe there is any imminent danger or threat to its consumers but did want to issue the voluntary bread recall for their own safety. Again, if consumers wish to return the items on the recall list, they can do so for a full refund.

[Image via Bakery and Snacks]