Jessica Alba Felt ‘Objectified’ At Beginning Of Career

Jessica Alba doesn’t regret her breakthrough role in Fox’s Dark Angel, but the actress did say that the skin tight sexy outfits did make her feel objectified.

Alba told Marie Claire:

“I had a show that premiered when I was 19. And right away, everyone formed a strong opinion about me because of the way I was marketed… I was supposed to be sexy, this tough action girl. That’s what people expected…. I felt like I was being objectified, and it made me uncomfortable. I wanted to be chic and elegant!”

It’s been more than a decade since she starred on the Fox show and Alba says that she is finally carving out her own style. Alba, who is now 33-years-old with two daughters, said:

“Now that I’m older, I’ve learned how to own it, but I’m still not very overt…. There are some women who dress for men. I dress for myself. It took me some time to get here. Being a mom and feeling grown-up have helped. Now if I’m going to wear something short, it has to have a high neck or a little sci-fi toughness to it, an edge.”

Motherhood has altered several things about Alba’s style. Not only is the actress more confident in her elegance, but she’s also more practical in her clothing choices.

marie clair

Alba said:

“I have so many scarves. When the weather changes, you can layer them for instant warmth. And they’ll cover everything — the vomit, the food that’s been flicked on me, everything.”

jessica alba

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