Calvin Harris Is Not Jealous Of Taylor Swift Sharing Her 'Wildest Dreams'

Taylor Swift is getting ready to share her "Wildest Dreams" at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. It was previously assumed that Taylor would feature her new boyfriend, Calvin Harris, in the video. In fact, fans were hoping to get a sexy "Tayvin" video. Instead, it features Clint Eastwood's son, Scott Eastwood.

Last week, Taylor Swift, 25, revealed a teaser video for her sexy new video "Wildest Dreams," which features the attractive actor.

It appears that Swift and Eastwood get really close in the new music video. The actor also called Swift a "rock star," which led to the rumor that Harris is jealous of their steamy onscreen chemistry. An alleged insider told the Hollywood Life that although Harris, 31, is not the jealous type.
"Calvin isn't the jealous type. He trusts Taylor 100%. He actually gave her the thumbs up with her casting choice in 'Wildest Dreams.' Calvin wasn't on the set, but he did meet Scott with Taylor and thinks he's cool."
Scott may play Taylor's love interest in the new video, but now the singer wants to make the song about her wild relationship with Calvin.
"It doesn't hurt that Taylor was constantly reassuring Calvin that the song is totally about him."
It was previously assumed that "Wildest Dreams" was either about Connor Kennedy or Harry Styles, since most of the album is about the 1D singer. During her interview with NPR, Swift explained that it's simply about how she takes on her relationships.
"That's actually a really good example of the way I go into relationships now. If I meet someone who I feel I have a connection with, the first thought I have is: 'When this ends, I hope it ends well. I hope you remember me well.' Which is not anything close to the way I used to think about relationships. It's that realization that it's the anomaly if something works out; it's not a given."
That would be hard for even Swift's fans to believe since the song was written well before she meet the DJ and producer. It's not unlike Swift to change the meaning of a song. It was previously assumed that "I Knew You Were Trouble" was about either John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhaal, but Swift used the song when it came to her breakup with Harry Styles.

As she continues her 1989 World Tour, the "Bad Blood" singer is teasing her fans with her upcoming new music video. On both Twitter and Instagram, TayTay gave fans a sneak peek of her new video with the caption: "Wildest Dreams music video preview. VMA night. Get ready."

According to a People magazine report, the short clip starts with Swift's eye opening as she wakes up from a dream. It then shows quick images like horses and zebra running, birds flying, and planes taking off.

The steamy new video also shows Taylor Swift getting up close and personal with Scott Eastwood. This will be Swift's fifth single from her successful 1989 album.

In addition to debuting the video at the MTV VMA's pre-show, she has been nominated for nine awards, including Video of the Year, for her star-studded "Bad Blood" video.

Are you looking forward to seeing Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" play out on television? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images]