Beyoncé Is About To Conquer Madonna To Become MTV’s New Queen

Madonna’s name is synonymous with MTV. After all, she has been the most awarded artist in MTV’s VMA history. However, according to MTV, that may change soon.

“With five VMA nominations, including Video of the Year for ‘7/11,’ Beyoncé has the chance to become the artist with the most Moonmen … of all time.”

MTV further notes that Madonna currently holds the title with 20 VMAs. Beyoncé has 17 awards, including two with Destiny’s Child. Will she take over this year? Even if Beyoncé does become the Queen of the VMAs, she just lost out on another title. Hello Magazine has the news.

“Kim Kardashian is the new queen of Instagram. The mum-to-be has taken the lead from Beyoncé Knowles to be named the most followed celebrity on the social networking site, with 44.3 million people signed up to follow Kim’s stream of selfies and snaps of her famous family and friends.”

However, one shouldn’t count out Beyoncé just yet. She has been on a well-deserved break and may, once again, become the Queen of Instagram. One area where Beyoncé won’t be able to rule is the concert scene, which Madonna practically owns. Madonna currently holds the record for the highest grossing tour by a female artist with the Sticky & Sweet Tour. The MDNA Tour is not far behind. According to Forbes, Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart Tour tickets are going for very high secondary market prices and may be another record-breaking tour.

“The Queen of Pop is set to hit the road, and may be on track to break tour records yet again as well … the average Madonna ticket is $331 on the secondary market for her US dates.”

Forbesnotes that the average price for tickets on the secondary market is much higher than it was on Madonna’s previous tour. However, it’s important to note that judging a tour’s success on sales from secondary sellers can be misleading. Even so, primary ticket sales for Madonna’s upcoming tour are strong, even if they don’t match the level of her previous tours. The fact that Madonna added secondary dates in such places as Montreal, Miami, Puerto Rico, and Southern California shows that early reports that the Rebel Heart Tour is a flop, such as this one from the New York Post, are ridiculous.

Like Taylor Swift, Madonna is expected to bring many special guests on stage when her Rebel Heart Tour begins in September. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Madonna and Beyoncé perform together?

[Photos by Andrew H. Walker and Mike Coppola / Getty Images]