One Direction Need To ‘Be Kids Again,’ No ‘Master Plan’

Now that it has been established that One Direction is going to take a break in 2016, the next big question is what they will do next. While each member of One Direction has a list of possible solo plans, those close to them seem to be saying that their best direction in 2016 is no direction.

Of course, One Direction has not officially broken up as a band — and Billboard Magazine points out on August 27 that they are still working on a fifth album.

A One Direction insider spoke with the Mirror on August 26 and seemed to support Zayn Malik’s statement published by Us Magazine on March 26. In short, it can be discerned that One Direction’s constant touring does not let the band members lead a “normal life.”

Along those lines, the Mirror insider close to 1D says that One Direction “just needs to be kids again.” The former X-Factor contestant and Harry Styles pal, Matt Cardle, went on to state the following.

“I think they deserve a break. They’ve been working tirelessly for five years. They just haven’t stopped. Why not take a break?… I met those boys when they were aged 16 – 19. They need chance to just chill out and be kids again for a bit.”

Adding to this, UnReality TV states on August 27 that “Simon Cowell has admitted that he overworked the One Direction boys and that their grueling schedule is probably what’s led to the band’s decision to split next year.”

Simon Cowell also feels that One Direction needs to take a break to clear their heads. In fact, Simon Cowell said that One Direction does not need a master plan at all during this break period.

This makes Simon Cowell the second person close to One Direction that feels they need to be on vacation instead of trying to do something serious when they take a break.

According to a BBC report from August 27, Simon Cowell adds that he is not worried about One Direction “setting out a detailed plan” or master plan about what they would do during the 2016 1D break.

About the future of One Direction, Simon Cowell was quoted as saying the following.

“They got so successful, so quick and they’ve got so many good songs now that they could be doing this for five years, 10 years, 20 years… I don’t think you should have almost like a master plan other than knowing that any time they came back together I think the fans would still support them.”

[Feature image via Mark Metcalfe/Stringer/Getty Images]