August 27, 2015
'Civil War' Teams Confirmed By Leaked Promo Art?

Civil War is on the horizon for the Marvel Movie universe. Which heroes will be fighting for what side? Images leaked to seem to confirm which side in Captain America: Civil War.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have never seen eye to eye since their first meeting in the first Avengers movie. Their inability to agree on the methodology of meting out justice has reached a boiling point, and they are willing to enact Civil War over their differences. The heroes that have fought at the sides of the two central characters have chosen their sides in that Civil War.

The teams seem to divide between technological brains and military brawn. Basically, the Civil War teams come down to who have been buddies in the previous films.

What Iron Man's side of the Civil War lacks in military prowess they make up for in resources and technology. T'Challa, the king of Wakanda who goes by the name Black Panther, will be introduced in Civil War and takes sides with Tony Stark. The Vision joins Stark's side as well, likely because it was Stark who gave birth to the android hero. Of course, Jim Rhodes, Tony Stark's best friend, better known as War Machine, joins team Iron Man, which will make the Civil War not as lopsided where military strategy is concerned.

The most noticeable split in the Civil War teams is between Black Widow and Hawkeye, who have in previous movies seemed to have been like family. Black Widow will be on the side of Iron Man and Hawkeye will be joining Captain America. This is in line with a GameZone report that Jeremy Renner slipped up and gave away his allegiance in Civil War at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago.

Captain America's side of the Civil War is packed with military strategy, at least a sight more than Iron Man's. Besides Captain America, there are two more military heavy hitters on his team. One who is joining Cap in the Civil War is fellow old guy Bucky Barnes, who was in the second Captain America movie as the Winter Soldier, and the other is Falcon, who seems to be accompanied by a robot bird. Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man), who literally dismantled Falcon in his own movie, will fall on the side of the Captain as well. Another character introduced in Civil War that will fight for Captain America is Sharon Carter, the granddaughter of Peggy Carter.

Civil War still leaves a lot of questions, the most important being which side Spider-Man will be on. Is it possible that he'll be on one team and then switch like he did in the comics?

[Image Courtesy of Marvel Studios]