June 29, 2017
Eva Mendes Engaged To Ryan Gosling? Emerald Ring Raises Rumors

Is actress Eva Mendes engaged to Ryan Gosling? In recent images, she has been seen sporting a large emerald bauble on her ring finger.

Some have speculated that the finger is on the wrong hand, with such rings traditionally being on the left hand (in the United States), but there are some reasons why this is done.

In some parts of the world, the engagement ring is often worn on the right hand. While Western cultures usually wear it on the left hand, other nations differ. In some cases, the engagement ring is welded to the wedding band. It mostly comes down to personal preference.

It has been widely believed that the left hand's ring finger has an artery which leads directly to the heart, but technically, they all do.

In the case of Eva and Ryan, they might just be trying to keep their love life private, and rumors are just that until they're confirmed. E! Online speculated that the ring might simply be a symbol of the couple's child, Esmeralda (emerald).

Mendes and Gosling have been together since September, 2011, and their daughter will be 1-year-old this fall. For many traditionalists, this would be an odd time to finally say the vows and become a legal couple.

A previous report by the Inquisitr also says that they may have broken up before the time Eva Mendes had gotten pregnant. If that was true, it would make the engagement rumor hard to believe.

The speculation that Eva Mendes is now secretly engaged to Ryan Gosling was fueled by the fact that she was first photographed with the emerald ring in June.

This would mean that the ring does not signify the anniversary of their relationship, being at least three months early.

A further indication that the emerald ring might be an early gift from Ryan to celebrate their daughter's birthday was a recent Instagram post. Eva had captioned how Gosling was "so sweet with" Esmeralda.

Another possibility is that the ring is simply Eva Mendes' favorite piece of jewelry, as stated by PopSugar. It is possible that the ring doesn't actually mean anything more than that she likes it.

What do you think? Is Eva Mendes secretly engaged to Ryan Gosling, is it commemorative of their daughter, Esmeralda, or does the ring really mean anything?

[Image via Sonia Recchia / Getty Images]