WWE News: Early News On Splitting Up Team P.C.B. And Team B.A.D. In Divas Revolution

The Divas Revolution started out as a dominant arrival of three women from WWE NXT. Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks helped revolutionize women’s wrestling in this era. After Trish Stratus and Lita retired, women’s wrestling in the WWE hit a period of mediocrity and was received with much criticism from the WWE Universe.

WWE NXT changed the game, as well as set a new standard for wrestling in the WWE. Notice that isn’t exclusive to women’s wrestling. Three of the Four Horsewomen debuted on WWE RAW nearly two months ago. Charlotte and Lynch aligned with Paige to make Team P.C.B. Banks teamed up with Tamina and Naomi to form Team B.A.D.

Along with Team Bella, the matches have remained consistent. Since their debuts, only one match went wrong, and it was on WWE Smackdown. At SummerSlam, Becky Lynch pinned Brie Bella for the victory at their first WWE pay-per-view. However, that criticism from earlier is getting larger by the day.

WWE is trying to get nine women over with the WWE Universe, instead of three. While that is a very challenging task, it appears that each week, the booking is the same. Luckily for the WWE fans, that’s about to change. According to Bryan Alvarez and Ringside News, the three stables in the Divas Revolution may not be around much longer.

“The original plan was to plant the seeds for the break up on this past Monday episode of RAW, with the idea that each Diva wanted a shot at Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship, however it did not play out like that but is expected to happen.”

While the feud is expected to be long-term between all three WWE factions, don’t be surprised if they tease a break-up in the coming weeks on WWE RAW or WWE Smackdown. Breaking up the stables will give the women focus and help the WWE Universe align themselves with their favorite.

Plus, it also lends the opportunity for more feuds, personal storylines, and competition between all of the WWE women. Every fan that watched WWE NXT wants to see Lynch, Banks, and Charlotte compete in singles’ matches on the main roster. They stole the show on the WWE Network, but never on national television.

Reports of John Cena halting the push of the Divas Revolution are still circulating around the WWE. Whether it’s true or not, more could be done to help push each WWE NXT woman in the right direction. Since they came up, the Divas championship has rarely been talked about. In under three weeks, Nikki Bella breaks the record for longest-Divas title win. Will the Divas Revolution finally overcome the odds?

[Image via fansided.com]