‘Dancing With The Stars’ Under Fire For Celebrity Choices This Season

Dancing with the Stars will be back in September with a brand new lineup, who will compete for the Mirror Ball trophy. Many celebrities have been through the dancing competition, including Rob Kardashian, Suzanne Somers, and a good handful of popular athletes. And it sounds like the producers at Dancing with the Stars are always trying to get some fresh faces on the dance floor.

Even though the newest season of Dancing with the Stars hasn’t started yet, there are plenty of negative opinions coming from the viewers. A couple of stars have been announced, and while Nick Carter’s participation will only be fun to watch, some Dancing with the Stars viewers are not pleased with Bindi Irwin signing on to dance.

According to a new Radar Online report, Dancing with the Stars producers are now facing a backlash for asking Bindi to compete. The reason? Her work with SeaWorld. While her father, Steve Irwin, was a big animal lover and supporter, Bindi’s decision to work with SeaWorld has been highly criticized — even from her own family. She teamed up with SeaWorld long before the offer came from Dancing with the Stars, and she was asked to work on a new initiative called Generation Nature. And PETA isn’t loving Bindi’s upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

“Unlike the orcas, seals, and other animals held captive in the marine parks that she’s paid to promote, Bindi Irwin chooses to prance about in front of an audience,” a PETA spokesperson told Radar exclusively. “PETA wishes her good luck on [Dancing with the Stars] and hopes she’ll soon announce that she’s no longer going to support ‘abusement’ parks with unwilling entertainers who ache to be with their families and in their natural environments.”

Even Irwin’s own grandfather isn’t pleased with her work. While he does support her on Dancing with the Stars, he hopes that she will drop her work with SeaWorld.

“My personal stance is that any organization that keeps animals in captivity that does not consider and provide for that animal’s physical, mental and emotional needs should not be keeping that animal and other solutions should be sought out,” Bob Irwin said last year, adding, “I can only hope that this partnership between SeaWorld and my granddaughter, who has followed in Steve’s footsteps, results in the best possible outcomes for the welfare of all animals held in captive facilities around the world.”

Sadly, Bindi isn’t the only Dancing with the Stars contestant who is making headlines. It has been revealed that Paula Deen will also compete for the Mirror Ball trophy. Paula made headlines for making racist comments a while back. It will be interesting to see how she handles herself on the dance floor.

Are you going to watch Dancing with the Stars in September?

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