‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Marie Talks Wedding And Marriage: ‘Not So Perfect’

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie got married on last year’s season to her long-time boyfriend, Mike Shay. Scheana had been planning the wedding for quite some time, and she had a perfect vision of how everything would unfold. Sadly, Marie was stressed out on her wedding day, and the coordinator she had hired was less than prepared for everything Marie wanted.

Even though Scheana Marie said that the wedding turned out to be perfect, Scheana is now thinking back on her big day with some regrets. Maybe things were not as perfect as she had hoped. In fact, Marie simply wanted everything to go off without a hitch, but it didn’t. Did the wedding flaws cause friction between herself and her new husband?

According to a new Bravo report, Scheana Marie is now looking back at her Vanderpump Rules wedding with some major regrets. Despite labeling it as perfect before, Marie can now see what she could have done differently to avoid all of the unnecessary stress.

“I would’ve hired a different coordinator who could’ve done her job,” Scheana has revealed to the wedding website, Colin Cowie Weddings, adding, “It was completely chill and put together for months leading up to the Big Day because my mom and I planned the whole thing. Everything was perfect until the day of because the coordinator we hired for that day did not have it together all the way and clearly bit off more than she could chew.”

Perhaps, Scheana Marie and her mother should have run the entire show from start to finish and made the day just perfect. Many of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars were in the crowd, including Lisa Vanderpump. And little Giggy was also there. Scheana had planned a dance with her husband, which almost went off perfectly.

“I can’t just pick one,” Marie reveals, when asked about her perfect moment, adding, “Top five would be, the first look at each other when I walked down the aisle; our personal vows; the kiss, obviously; our first dance; the father and daughter dance.”

And Scheana Marie does have some advice for people planning their wedding.

“Just breathe!” Sheana reveals, adding, “Remember that this day is all about the love between you and your husband. Nothing else matters!”

Married life appears to be going well for Scheana. Stassi Schroeder had been very judgmental of Marie getting married, but Scheana is the one who remains married, while Stassi is now a single woman. The two could possibly be filming the newest season of Vanderpump Rules together.

What do you think of Scheana Marie’s wedding advice?

[Image / Screen Capture via Bravo]