Kylie Jenner Takes Life To Next Level, From Visiting Sick Kids To Giving Tyga’s Ferrari Gift A Makeover [Video]

Kylie Jenner is taking it to the next level. And her boyfriend, Tyga, is helping her achieve her goals as she celebrates life at just-turned-18. Whether Kylie is doing good with Tyga or baring her booty, Jenner is making herself into one of the hottest celebrities.

Recently, Kylie and Tyga teamed up to visit ailing children. Jenner and her rapper guy pal explained why they enjoy giving back, reported E! News.

Tyga and Kylie had two goals when they headed to a nearby children’s hospital. First, they wanted to brighten the day for some sick little kids. And second, they want to give them something to remember by giving them gifts.

“I think it’s good to work with like a children’s hospital and I’ve been doing it for the last couple of years and every year is just getting bigger and better,” said Tyga. “I meet more kids and put more smiles on kids’ faces.”

The rapper also described it as a humbling experience when he recognizes he has the ability to help someone who is sick feeling better.

“It just shows… how music transcends and it could be used as good.”

Just prior to Kylie’s enormously extravagant birthday party to celebrate the big 18, Jenner and her family visited Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, taking gift bags with them for the sick children.

But a girl’s gotta have fun, too. So Kylie decided to have a fabulous time in St. Barts by posing in swimsuits for Tyga, reported Us Weekly.

Jenner kept up her strength by nibbling on the Hot Cheetos bowl that Tyga held as he checked out her booty-baring bathing suits.

Kylie and Tyga became a duo after he and Blac Chyna split in 2014. And he showed his love for Jenner by giving her a $320,000 Ferrari, along with a Mexico vacation that included jet skiing and riding on horseback.

So how much is Kylie enjoying that jazzy new car? Jenner decided, in true Keeping Up with the Kardashians tradition, to keep up with the other California cars by giving it a makeover, according to GT Spirit.

Since getting that new look for her Ferrari, Jenner now has a 458 Spider that features a light matte grey wrap, matte red Forgiato wheels, eye-catching white brake calipers, and matte grey side skirts. But Kylie doesn’t really need to worry about whether she can keep up with the speed for which some Southern California freeways are famed. Her hot new ride has a 4.5-litre naturally-aspirated V8 engine that has 562 hp and 9,000 rpm.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]