Ali Wentworth Copies Miley Cyrus, Flashes Boobs on Jimmy Kimmel

Ali Wentworth took a page out of Miley Cyrus’ playbook on Wednesday night. Ali, an actress and comedian, was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show and was there to promote her new book, Happily Ali After. As she walked out onto the stage, Ali unzipped the sweatshirt she was wearing to reveal her breasts, which were covered with silver pasties, Yahoo News reports.

“As an old lady with saggy breasts, I was watching Miley Cyrus and was like, ‘Ok, I’ll play that game,’ ” Wentworth said to a blushing Jimmy Kimmel.

Ali’s unexpected flash was a humorous jab at the show’s previous guest, Miley Cyrus, who sat for the interview in pink heart shaped pasties over her breasts. Miley’s scandalous outfit seemed to make Jimmy Kimmel just a little bit uncomfortable, E! Online reports.

“You are almost naked. Where do you get an outfit like this?” Jimmy asked the “Wrecking Ball” singer as she opened her cape to fully expose the glittery pasties. “Oh, my God! I am embarrassed!”

If you follow the Miley Cyrus Instagram account, you wouldn’t have been surprised to see Miley baring her breasts. Cyrus regularly posts scandalously revealing selfies for her Instagram followers.

To his credit, Jimmy still managed to be professional and conduct the interview, although he did admit: “I’m still a little bit flustered by your outfit.”

When asked what her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus thinks about her wearing crazy revealing outfits, Miley had this to say.

“My dad’s cool because I’m sure he’d maybe rather not have me have my tits out all the time, but he’d rather me have my tits out and be a good person than have a shirt on and be a b***h. I see a lot of people with their clothes on, and they’re kind of a**holes. I don’t know if it’s the clothes that turn you into an a**hole. When you’ve got your t**s out, you can’t really be an a**hole. It’s like, people are already judging you.”

Miley later revealed that she enjoys making people uncomfortable and that once even Paul McCartney seemed bothered by her breasts being out, and didn’t know how to have a conversation with her without looking down.

Ali Wentworth, 50, doesn’t necessarily have to worry about what her dad or Paul McCartney will think about her boob flash. However, she did say that she expected her stunt to be discussed in the “Pop News” segment of Good Morning America, which is anchored by Wentworth’s husband, George Stephanopoulos.

She also talked about the car accident she got into on her way to the show and about her new book, which Jimmy called “hilarious.” And before the interview was over, Ali Wentworth gave the audience one more flash.

[Photo via Youtube screen shot]