George Clooney And Wife Amal: Cuisine, Safety, Style And Spotlights

George and Amal Clooney have proven to be a pair who enjoy the finer things in life, be it cuisine, fashion, exotic locales, and friends to enjoy all with. The Clooneys are fittingly known to frequent Il Gatto Nero — a local Italian restaurant which is located in close proximity to the power couple’s Lake Como, Italy, home. The pair, as Design & Trend relays, can be expected by owner Paolo Quarantotto during visits to their Italian retreat, visits during which Amal and George will “gorge on pasta, wine, and other delectables.”

The ever-fashionable beauty, Amal, although maintaining a slender and fit physique, apparently does not shy away from indulging. Quarantotto recently shared about Mrs. Clooney’s dining habits while at his establishment, during a discussion with People Magazine.

“[Amal] orders whatever she feels like, even if it is a starter, a plate of homemade pasta and a dessert. If we have a special dish of the day, both George and Amal will have a taste along with whatever they order. They choose their wines carefully in line with their orders and consult each other on them. It’s very sweet.”

Although George and Amal enjoy their time while visiting their retreat, Amal has reportedly found the novelty to be lifting, seeing as the public is much more aware of the couple’s whereabouts too often, which leaves George’s stylish and high-profile wife feeling a bit unsettled and wanting to sell his large villa. A source recently spoke with RadarOnline in regards to Amal’s concerns and her intentions as the two go forward.

“Amal has good business sense and it’s a good time to sell. She found out how much he paid for it 13 years ago and its value has tripled. She asked if he’d ever sell and he pretty much told her no, and to not bother asking that again. She loves Como, but she hates how open it is and she’d love him to get something more private. She feels vulnerable in that house.”

Amal’s concerns are on point, as is her fashion sense, which has been the subject of much praise in the past year. Mrs. Clooney has found herself nearing the top of many fashion lists and noted as one of the most fashionable women on the scene these days. George’s wife, as recently reported, is being considered for opportunities in showbiz that will see her onscreen, should she decide to take on such reported roles as the new host of The Apprentice with NBC. The network had only kind words to share about the stylish beauty and summarized reasons that Clooney is being considered as a replacement for Trump. Design & Trend communicates the NBC insider’s words.

“As well as the cachet of being married to George, [Amal] is also a highly respected figure in her field and, since she rarely says anything in public, there is still something of an air of mystery to her.”

[Photo by Atsushi Tomura / Getty Images]