Miley Cyrus Dons Wacky Disguise To Ask People How They Feel About Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus temporarily traded her nipple pasties for a conservative gray blazer to go undercover as a news reporter, and she covered a very important topic: herself.

According to ETonline, Miley’s reporter ruse was filmed for special edition of the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, “I Witness News.” Miley Cyrus hid her identity from her interview subjects by putting on glasses and a mom-like dark wig, and she adopted a fake Australian accent to conceal her Tennessee twang (she probably learned how to talk like an Aussie while dating Liam Hemsworth).

Miley Cyrus didn’t get any love from her first unsuspecting victim. A gentleman wearing a wifebeater and a black cowboy hat told “Janet,” the Aussie reporter, that he doesn’t like Miley, her dad, or her other family members. Later on during the Jimmy Kimmel segment, the same man speculated that Miley is “starving for attention” and “missing something somewhere.”

“The whole fabric of America is falling apart, and she’s not doing anything to try to keep it together,” Mr. Wifebeater said.

Another guy told Janet/Miley that he likes Taylor Swift better, and the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s disguise didn’t work on a man who said that he would like to see Miley Cyrus hosting the MTV Video Music Awards naked. For seeing through her ruse, he was given the chance to look down Miley’s blouse (yes, really.) You can check out the entire clip below. Miley can’t resist throwing in a little twerking.

Miley also flashed a little flesh during her sit-down interview with Jimmy Kimmel — she challenged the flustered talk show host to keep his eyes on her face by opting not to wear a shirt on the show. Instead, she rocked a rainbow-colored cape and heart-shaped nipple pasties covered with sparkles. Her almost-bare breasts naturally inspired a conversation about nudity.

“Humans aren’t afraid of the human breast,” Miley said. “It’s the nipple that’s the issue.” She went on to explain why she finds this so bizarre.

“It’s insane because the nipple, what you can’t show, everyone has. But the jug part that everyone doesn’t, you’re allowed to show underboob.”

Perhaps Miley Cyrus’ wild outfit choice for her Kimmel interview was meant to serve as a hint that viewers going to see all sorts of crazy this weekend when Miley hosts the MTV VMAs. According to Entertainment Weekly, VMAs executive producer Garrett English made sure that he didn’t tell Miley to behave herself, so perhaps he’s hoping that she’ll treat viewers to the twerktastic sequel to her 2013 VMAs performance with Robin Thicke.

“We’re giving her pretty free rein,” English said. “Obviously there are standards and various other things that were always a part of it, but no, [no rules] … It never comes from a place of trying to limit the range, it’s always coming from a place of trying to open up the full palate.”

You can see if Miley Cyrus stirs up controversy at the MTV VMAs when the show airs this Sunday.

[Image credit: ABC]