Derrick Rose Under Fire Amid Rape Allegations

Add Derrick Rose’s name to the list of professional athletes in the news for the wrong reasons. Rose, an All-Star point guard for the Chicago Bulls, is the latest high-profile athlete to have his name mentioned in allegations of rape. He is the third athlete after hockey star Patrick Kane and NFL player Ray McDonald, each with Chicago ties, connected to charges of sexual assault in two months. Although nothing has been proven true, the allegations give Derrick Rose a black eye simply because his name is associated with them.

Here is what we know from yesterday’s initial TMZ report. Derrick Rose, and his friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton, have been named in a civil suit seeking an unspecified amount. Rose’s ex-girlfriend, an unidentified woman going by Jane Doe, dated the Bulls’ superstar from 2011-2013.

According to the lawsuit, Derrick Rose is accused of drugging the claimant, and along with two friends, gang raped her. She briefly details encounters involving group sex, drugs, and other overtures.

Plaintiff Jane Doe cites emotional distress, post traumatic stress disorder, and alienation of affection.

There were no criminal charges filed against Rose or his friends. Per TMZ, the woman was “reluctant” to file a police report. Therefore, unlike the allegations surrounding Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, there is no criminal investigation into the Derrick Rose case.

Further details continue to be sketchy up to this point. The full complaint can be read here, courtesy of Deadspin.

Much like the Patrick Kane case, once you fish through the complaint, there are parts that will make your stomach turn. This is a different type of case. Patrick Kane never knew his accuser; Derrick Rose had an actual relationship with his.

Since Rose and the accuser shared a history together, it will be difficult to pick out parts of the story in order to determine fact from fiction.

While listening to the local Chicago radio shows, there have been plenty of people calling in, tweeting and texting the one question that many wonder to themselves, “why didn’t she go to the police?”

Perhaps she was afraid, ashamed, and untrusting. Perhaps she was coerced not to. A person with the stature of Derrick Rose is intimidating to a person who fears they may never see justice even if the accused was not a celebrity.

Take the stance of Derrick Rose’s attorney, who immediately dismissed the complaint as a “money grab.” Also consider the fact that Adidas, who has Rose as a client, vowing to stand by him no matter what.

That is enough for anyone to fear that their word will not stand in the eyes of the law.

Let’s get this clear, Derrick Rose is accused of rape via a civil court case, he has not been convicted of a crime whatsoever. The people who have been around Rose find him to be a fascinating young man incapable of such a despicable crime.

Sadly, those who have been around him are not around all the time. Everyone has a private life filled with what we percieve as demons. We would like to hope that the contents of the complaint against him and his friends is not representative of the demons he hides in his private life.

Derrick Rose is a young man who grew up in the city of Chicago, went away to attend college for a year, only to return back home and represent his city and community every time he dribbles a basketball. That is not a reason why we should give him a pass, as many of us do with those we look up to and identify with.

Derrick Rose is deserving of patience until the court proceedings are finalized. He does not deserve our praise, not yet anyway.

Much like the Patrick Kane investigation which came before it, the Derrick Rose case will be determined by the governing laws of the state. The fact that Derrick Rose’s name is mentioned in a charge so heinous is disappointing enough.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Sport]