Ed Sheeran Reveals That His Massive Lion Tattoo Is In Fact Real Hours After ‘Joking’ That It’s Fake

Ed Sheeran just revealed on Wednesday that the massive lion tattoo on his chest is real, which he said only several hours ago was fake, according to Mirror.

Let me explain.

Two weeks ago, Ed Sheeran posted an Instagram photo showing a large (and terrible) lion tattoo on his chest, captioned with the words “halfway and ouch.”

Halfway and ouch

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The stunt drew a slew of negative comments not just on the photo-sharing app but across all of social media as well.

Keane singer Tom Chaplin nailed exactly what went on in the minds of Ed Sheeran’s fans on Twitter. Ed Sheeran responded to the tweet.

One can imagine the swirling thoughts and emotions Ed Sheeran’s fans have gone through since then. Some say grief has five stages: denial first, then anger, then bargaining, then depression, and finally acceptance. In the intervening time since then, Stephen Hawking made us question the nature of reality again when he presented his new theories about black holes.

Today, Ed Sheeran made us question everything again not once, but twice. Beat that, Mr. Hawking.

Just when humanity was able to recover its footing since Ed’s big reveal two weeks ago, Ed Sheeran shocked the world again by announcing that the reviled tattoo was a fake.

Sheeran, who was rumored to be dating Nicole Scherzinger as previously reported by Inquisitr, posted his proof by showing an Instagram photo of his bare chest sans the lion tattoo. He captioned the photo “Was only joking about the lion.”

Was only joking about the lion

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Cue collective sigh of relief that will reverberate through time.

A big majority of fans took Ed Sheeran’s prank for what it is: a joke. Life resumed, as it always does.

And then, BOOM. Nine hours after setting the record straight that the lion tattoo was just an elaborate prank, he posts another photo on Instagram revealing that the massive lion tattoo, which he said earlier that day was a fake, is in fact, real. The Instagram photo came with the caption “Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn’t I.”

Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn't I

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This is Ed Sheeran, the guy whom Entertainment Wise proved would cuddle a puppy with no qualms at all. Looking at Ed, one would readily deem him a nice guy. There’s no doubt that Ed Sheeran can sing like an angel, but after the ‘jokeception’ prank he pulled today, it’s no wonder that people have started calling him the “Devil.”

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