Blood Pressure Medication Combo More Effective At Cutting Heart Risk, Cheaper, Study Finds

Blood pressure medications (used to treat high blood pressure) are effective, but a pill combination could drastically decrease cardiovascular risk, a new study reveals.

The blood pressure medication study was funded in part by Daiichi Sankyo, a company that manufactures combination therapy pill Sevikar. In addition to looking at the improvement in symptoms by combining blood pressure medication, the study also examined the effects of more efficient treatment on facilities as well as the cost of single-pill blood pressure medications compared to combinations.

The study out of Britain was published in the Journal of Medical Economics, and the method of assessing patient data was not immediately available. Researchers calculated an average cost of £191.49 for the combination blood pressure medication versus £189.35 for single blood pressure medication pills, also known as “monotherapy.”

Dr. Peter Coleman is deputy director of The Stroke Association, and Coleman explains one of the benefits of combination blood pressure medication:

“Many people with high blood pressure are required to take multiple pills every day to reduce their blood pressure and therefore reduce their risk of stroke, but calculating when each pill needs to be taken can often be confusing… However, it’s important to note that these combination pills might not be suitable for everyone and they may have side effects so every patient should be assessed and treated on an individual basis.”

However, cost savings was not the only compelling reason the study uncovered to explore combination blood pressure medication. According to the study, overall risk of cardiovascular incidents fell 40% from 13.6% to 8.3%