Behati Prinsloo Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Out, ‘Can’t Feel Her Face’ In Funny Video

Behati Prinsloo had her wisdom teeth out on Monday, and it appears as though her loving husband, Adam Levine, decided to film her on the way home from the dentist’s office (you can thank him later)! According to Us Weekly, the supermodel was filmed while riding in the car, holding ice packs on her face, and singing the chorus from “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd — how appropriate! As she is singing, she starts to realize how much she actually relates to the song… and she is quick to point out that she “really can’t feel [her] face!” You can hear a man laugh as she says this (and it totally sounds like Adam!).

As natural as can be, Prinsloo is seen riding in the passenger’s seat of the car, wearing a navy blue hoodie, and looking like she was having a great time on whatever may have been left of that infamous gas people usually get when they have their wisdom teeth removed.

Aside from Behati Prinsloo’s hilarious video, people also noticed that she had her wedding ring on (it was hard to miss as she clutched an ice pack with her left hand). The ring suggests that she and Adam Levine are not on the brink of a split, despite what you might have read in the tabloids in previous weeks.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak talked a bit about Adam and Behati’s relationship, and it sounds like the two are doing a lot of things right.

“They [push each other] in a great way. Adam loves the hardcore intensity of just going hard and being totally exposed to different forms of exercise on a constant basis. Behati’s really about fine-tuning and healthy living,” said Pasternak. Interestingly enough, he also admitted that Adam Levine is in better shape than he is!

Behati Prinsloo will hopefully recover quickly, as most people do. Expect her to be back to work (and to working out) within the next two weeks. And just in case you had any additional doubts about the status of Adam and Behati’s relationship, there’s always this, which was posted shortly after the video above (and there’s a wedding ring in this clip too).

Apparently, there is no better time to debunk a divorce rumor than after you have your wisdom teeth removed!

[Photo by Larry Busacca / Getty Images Entertainment]