Hilary Duff Romancing Her Personal Trainer?

Has Hilary Duff moved on from her husband Mike Comrie? She might have. Duff, who was open about joining Tinder for a brief period, might be dating her personal trainer.

According to People Magazine, Hilary was seen out and about getting playful with her personal trainer, Jason Walsh. Duff attended the opening of his Rise Nation Fitness Studio in West Hollywood. The two didn’t stop there, as they partied throughout the night.

During the event Duff went on to sing praises for her trainer, calling the event “a family atmosphere.” She added, “I train at Rise Movement, so I’ve known Jason for a while, and all the trainers there.” The two played around for cameras at the event, posing jokingly together.

Duff also gives him credit of keeping her in shape, “It’s awesome to watch him start this. It’s really changed my body, and it looks really hard, but it’s 30 minutes, and you can do anything for 30 minutes…. Obviously I have a 3-year-old and doing things quickly is important for me, but it’s kind of addicting!”

Earlier in the year the actress was open about dating, and even admitted to having a profile on the popular dating app Tinder. During an interview with 104.3, she said, “It’s true I’m on Tinder. You know what? I was sitting with my friends one night at the house, and we were joking around. In my life I’ve had serious boyfriends, and I’ve always met people through work. I’ve never been on a blind date. What’s the worst that can happen?”

She continued, “I’m talking to probably nine guys right now. I think some people know and some people act like they don’t know.”

As for what she looks for, Hilary said, “Obviously looks, which is sounds super vain, but natural chemistry. Also what they say in their little profile has to be funny. I don’t want to be a shirtless mirror selfie. Someone who looks like they can make you laugh. My profile says, ‘Let’s eat pizza.'”

“I’ve never dated a total normal guy.”

Back in June Duff told Sunrise’s Sam Armytage and David “Kochie” Koch of the Tinder experience,

“The Tinder thing was more of a social experiment than me really trying to find an online date or trying to find love. I didn’t take it too seriously.” She put her Tinder experience into her new video, “But it was a cool, fun, unexpected thing to throw into my video and for me to have the experience.”

Although her Tinder experience didn’t really work out, it sounds like she might have found “Mr. Right.” As for Duff and her ex Mike Comrie, they seem to be co-parenting their son Luca successfully.

“We are a unit and we’re going to be a unit for the rest of our lives. We realized as a couple we weren’t where we used to be. But I feel so lucky this happened when Luca was young because this is his normal now.”

[Photo by Mark Davis / Getty Images]