Fake Tyga Sex Tape Goes Viral: Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Not Involved In Scandal

Tyga’s name became a trending topic on Twitter in the United States on Tuesday night (Aug. 25). Fans assumed that the “Rack City” rapper got himself involved in another sex scandal. A fake tape of Tyga pleasuring another man quickly went viral on the social media site.

It all started when a Twitter user claimed they had an alleged sex tape of Tyga performing oral sex on another guy. The video in question quickly went viral on the site. The user even had comparison photos of the two men, who looked similar with their matching baseball caps and tattoos. Fans shared the video, claiming they thought it was Tyga because the two men looked so much alike.

Inquisitr will not post the obviously NSFW video here. However, the graphic video and photos are still making its rounds on Twitter. The convincing video had fans wondering if Tyga was caught having sex with another man. His fans quickly assumed that he was cheating on his alleged girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

The Gossip Cop did some investigating about the alleged Tyga sex tape and found out that it was not him. The video was originally released on Vine back in January. It looks like someone was trying to have some fun by claiming it was Tyga.

“It’s NOT true. It doesn’t take much searching to see that the photo is actually a screengrab from a pornographic clip, which fully shows both men participating in the sex act. And…it’s quite clear that neither guy in it is Tyga.”

The rapper has yet to comment on this fake sex scandal. Tyga’s been actively promoting the release of his mixtape, “F*k What They Talkin ‘Bout.” He made his own controversy when it was revealed that the new album included a sexually explicit rap about a young girl. Most of Tyga’s fans assumed he was rapping about a barely legal Kylie.

Fans were obviously convinced that the photo of Tyga because of his sex scandal last month. It was revealed by celebrity blogger B. Scott that he allegedly sent nude photos and explicit text messages to transgender model Mia Isabella. Tyga took to Twitter to deny the affair, but he did confirm that it was his photos.

The rapper was so furious about the scandal that he reportedly asked the FBI to help him identify the source of the photo leak. Tyga and his lawyer Lee Hutton believe that the rapper was hacked, and his photos were leaked to “maliciously shame” him.

As for Mia Isabella, she has taken to social media to reveal that she will share her side of the story, but the story is still left unsaid. Instead, she has been using her platform to address the backlash against the transgender community.

What are your thoughts on Tyga’s fake sex scandal? Did you believe for a second that it was him in the video? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Mike Windle/Getty Images for Equinox]