Monty Brinson Plans To Expose The Person Behind False Stories About Former ‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards

Monty Brinson may not be married to Kim Richards any longer, but in the years since their romantic relationship came to an end, the former couple has remained friends. As fans saw on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Monty Brinson is currently battling cancer, and months ago, he was living with Richards, who was caring for him throughout his struggles.

When Richards suffered a relapse earlier this year, and two arrests in the months since, Monty Brinson did what he could to offer her his full support. Still, rumors regarding the former reality star have continued to swirl, and this week, Monty Brinson reached his breaking point, claiming he has discovered who is behind the stories about Richards. He also revealed his plan to expose that person in the coming weeks.

On August 25, AllAboutTRH shared an Instagram post by Monty Brinson, in which he claimed to have gotten a tip on who was selling false stories about his ex-wife.

“I’ve found a lot of stuff and I’m not afraid to say how I feel, the truth will started getting out about every situation in the last 5 years. I thank her fans who have believed in @kimrichards11 through her journey and you will not be let down… I had to find out the truth first because I wouldn’t want to lie and finally I know through some of this investigating work from another friends all the details and the people who have been selling these false story’s 5 percent truth rest lies.”

While Monty Brinson didn’t reveal the name of the person in question in his Instagram post, he claims to have evidence regarding their identity.

“I will mentioned the name who has been selling and telling these false stories I have it on tape. As usually I only wish love for everyone and a happy life and sometimes when life starts to get a little rough know it will get better.”

In the last month since Richards was arrested for the second time this year, after she allegedly stole over $600 worth of items from a Target in Los Angeles, Monty Brinson has come to her defense on several occasions.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Monty Brinson sent fans a message of “love and happiness” following his ex-wife’s second arrest. In his Instagram post, Monty Brinson shared positive words about wanting to be in someone’s future, despite their past mistakes.

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