Jennifer Lawrence: Being Highest Paid Actress Still Not Enough, Loves Being Free From Relationships

Jennifer Lawrence has been awarded the top-rung position when it comes to highest paid actresses in the world. The Silver Linings Playbook star has earned her status honestly by consistently gracing audiences with unparalleled performances, both onscreen and while in the limelight. However, recent reports still help shed light on the fact that even as a highly paid actress, the total, when compared against those from the world of male entertainers, is somewhat perplexing and deserves a re-evaluation in favor of the ladies.

Express UK unveils the comparison between Lawrence and Taylor Swift’s DJ boyfriend, Calvin Harris, and solidifies the understanding that women are still not matching men when it comes to their paychecks, even when their performances are superior. The publication notes that the “We Found Love” hitmaker, 31, raked in £42 million over the past 12 months surpassing Jennifer, who earned £33 million.

Leading men in Hollywood far surpass the payout that highest paid leading ladies receive. For instance, Robert Downey Jr. who was crowned as 2015’s highest paid actor, collected a cool £56 million. Clearly, there remains to be a disconnect between talent and properly awarding the fairer of the sexes, especially when they give such incredible performances as JLaw has of late.

The 25-year-old also reportedly made less than her co-stars in the film American Hustle, despite being the biggest name attached to the picture.

However, as Express relays, “[T]he tide may be changing as, since the exposé, women in the industry have been demanding significant pay hikes.”

Jennifer Lawrence has always been a fantastic, poignant, and hilarious role model to young women in addition to being wonderfully talented as an onscreen actress, and the beauty is once again gaining respect in regards to her reasoning for splitting from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Sources share that Jen simply loves being “unattached” at this point in her life. The mentioned source shared these details with Us Weekly.

“She says it’s so refreshing traveling with friends and reconnecting with her girlfriends and she’s loved being free and unattached and spending what free time she has with girlfriends. Jen has been working non-stop and they never saw each other.”

Although claims were made that Martin was not all for the split and was still smitten with Lawrence, the rocker has found it easy to move on. The insider comments in regards to Martin’s current status.

“He has moved on quickly and has been seeing Annabelle Wallis for about a month. He visited her while she was filming in Vancouver and really likes her.”

Martin’s status is clearly not affecting Ms. Lawrence, who is continuing to make her mark on the film world even more prominently, and while still filming the movie Joy, has also reportedly signed on to work on the first comedy she has been involved in, with none other than Amy Schumer. Who wouldn’t want to see those two witty and hilarious ladies as an onscreen duo?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]