Utah Teen Arrested For Burglary After Leaving Homework At Crime Scene

Folks, let’s all give a big, long golf clap to Utah teen Dallas Naljahih. The 18-year-old was arrested for burglary after he left his homework at the home he was thieving from. Criminal credentials fail.

Apparently, Police in Orem, Utah were able to link Naljahih to the burglary after they found his backpack abandoned in the backyard of a home he was burglarizing. Said backpack contained a flash drive with the dopey burglar’s schoolwork still on it.

The owners of the home targeted by Naljahih, a 75-year-old and his wife, reported their home had been burglarized early Saturday. The man says he was woken by a light in his office, and walked in on a man – seemingly Naljahih – who was rummaging through a desk.

The suspect punched the man, before fleeing on foot, dropping some rather crucial evidence along the way. Bravo, moron. According to police, Naljahih was found fast asleep at his house, along with evidence connecting him with the burglary.

This is probably my favorite tale of criminal ineptitude since the dude who held up a change machine and then went on the run. Ooooor possibly the cellwaster who stole a laptop then had his WICKED DANCE MOVES hacked by the victim and spread on YouTube. It’s a tough one to call.