Ramona Singer Discusses Kristen Taekman’s Marriage To Husband Josh, Doesn’t Believe He ‘Ever Cheated’

Ramona Singer’s co-star, Kristen Taekman, is currently in the midst of what appears to be a marital crisis. Earlier this week, the U.K.’s Daily Mail gave details about Taekman’s husband’s Ashley Madison account, and hours later, Josh came clean about “foolishly” signing up for an account on the pro-affair website in a statement to People Magazine.

While Taekman’s marriage could soon come to an end because of her husband’s foolishness, and 62 reported uses on the site, Ramona Singer claims the couple was more in love than ever just months ago, when they renewed their wedding vows at New York’s Tavern on the Green.

“You could see the love. He just looked at her with love. So, I believe they’re really in love and I believe he really is faithful to her,” Ramona Singer told Entertainment Tonight on August 25.

“I don’t believe Josh has ever cheated on Kristen. I see them as a really loving couple. Every couple has problems – I don’t care who you are. And I think through the show they actually worked through a lot them.”

Ramona Singer revealed that the Taekman’s vow renewal ceremony was filmed for the seventh season of The Real Housewives of New York City, but later cut from the episode.

Ramona Singer is no stranger to scandal. As fans will recall, Ramona Singer’s husband, Mario, was caught cheating on her years ago with a younger woman named Kasey Dexter. After finding the two together at her Hamptons home, Ramona Singer filed for divorce, but eventually gave Mario a second chance. Then, in the summer of last year, Ramona Singer’s marriage to Mario came to an end for good, and he quickly went public with his romance with Dexter.

“Forget about even the physical act of having an affair, it’s just even thinking [about cheating]. I think what’s really important for people to realize is, when they start thinking outside of the marriage, and looking at these sites, they’re distancing themselves from their partner.”

While Ramona Singer’s co-star is surely going through an extremely difficult time, Singer claims she has faith that she’ll get through whatever it is that went on with her husband and his Ashley Madison account.

“I think Kristen will be okay. She really is a strong woman – she’ll be okay.”

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