Nick Viall Is Not The Next ‘Bachelor’ — Claims Fans Will Now See That Ben Higgins Has ‘An Edge’

Nick Viall may not have been chosen to be the next star of The Bachelor, but that doesn’t mean he’s bitter about it. Fans recently discovered who would be the next lead on the reality show when ABC finally decided to announce that Ben Higgins was their man. In light of that decision, Viall is happy for his former Bachelorette rival and only had nice things to say about him.

“I think ABC made a great choice,” Viall revealed to Us Weekly. “I think he’s one of the few people that actually lives up to the hype. He’s a very sweet guy and now that he’s the leading guy I hope we get to see the other great sides of Ben. Ben has an edge and I hope that he shows it!”

At the same time, Viall also posted a congratulatory message on his Twitter account.

“So many thanks for people’s continued support. So excited for Ben and excited for my next adventure!!” he wrote.

As far as Higgins is concerned, his feelings towards Nick Viall are different than some of the other contestants on The Bachelorette. Although some questioned Viall’s motives for returning to the reality series for a second time, Higgins stated that it was a big risk on Viall’s part.

“I think when you do this experience, you realize it’s real. It’s not always fun,” Higgins explained. “And to do this twice would be really hard, emotionally. I just think that he would have to be legally insane if he thought this was just a cool opportunity to come back and maybe be The Bachelor. That would be a huge risk. So yeah, I think he was here for the ‘right reasons.'”

Meanwhile, after being rejected twice on The Bachelorette, most recently by Kaitlyn Bristowe, and being passed up to be on The Bachelor, Viall has managed to move forward with his life and is determined to find a new love.

“My heart’s always open. I’ve always been that person who kind of goes for it, and I’m excited for the future,” the reality star explained to host Chris Harrison.

According to Bustle, Viall was actually present with Harrison when the announcement was made that Higgens would be the 2016 star of The Bachelor. Although Viall’s presence with Harrison during the announcement made some worry that he was the selection, it was all just a clever trick by producers.

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[Image Courtesy: ABC]