Megalodon Tooth: Man Looking For Shells In Croatia Finds Megalodon Shark Tooth Instead

A large Megalodon shark tooth was discovered in Croatia on August 21.

The Megalodon, as Softpedia explains, is an ancient shark with a massive size present in our oceans some million years ago. Its large size, which can reach about 60-feet long, made it a top predator of the waters.

Stjepan Sucec, the man who discovered the Megalodon shark tooth, was on a routine shell hunt by the river Kupa in Croatia when he stumbled upon the large tooth.

The tooth was then examined by Drazen Japundzic, a geologist from the Natural History Museum in Zagred, to ensure that what Sucec found was indeed a Megalodon’s tooth. Jupundzic confirmed that it was a Megalodon tooth and according to AOL, the fossilized tooth suggests that the Megalodon shark the tooth belonged to had a maximum length of 18 meters, roughly 59 feet. The tooth Sucec found was as big as his palm.

Last year, as the Inquisitr reported, a Megalodon was revealed due to the storms California experienced. A fossil hunter stumbled upon the Megalodon tooth, which was said to be about 10 million years old.

Again, just two months ago, a nine-year-old girl who was on vacation found not one, but two large Megalodon shark teeth at North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Though Megalodon teeth can fetch thousand of dollars, the girl said that she plans to keep them and pass her down to her family, as Fox reports.

The Megalodon can be compared to the great white sharks that we have today in terms of appearance, but when it comes to size, the Megalodon greatly overshadows the great white. The picture of the Megalodon tooth above, (not the one found by Sucec) shows how big it is compared to the two great white shark teeth.

Vito Bertucci, also known as the Megalodon Man, was able to reconstruct the jaw of a Megalodon. Bertucci looks for fossils by diving and was able to collect 182 fossil teeth, including four 7-inch by 7-and-five-eights-inch teeth. Bertucci’s reconstruction of the shark jaw had a massive size of 9-and-a-half feet high by 11 feet wide. Collecting the teeth took 20 years. This new discovery of a Megalodon tooth in Croatia would have excited the Megalodon Man, but unfortunately, Bertucci died in 2004 during a dive wherein he was searching for more Megalodon teeth.

The Megalodon tooth Sucec found is now housed in the Natural History Museum where it is in storage. However, it might see the light of day later on and might be put up on display for everyone to see.

[Megalodon tooth with great white sharks teeth by Parzi Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons]