Ashley Madison Updates, Latest News: Photos Alleging ‘Ashley Madison CEO Hires Escort’ Go Viral - Noel Biderman's Leaked Emails Allege Adultery

On Tuesday, the most curious thing to come out of the Ashley Madison hacking about CEO Noel Biderman was that the Avid Life Media head fancied himself a screenwriter. And as often been repeated via various outlets that Noel granted interviews to before the infamous hacking, Biderman would tell anyone that listens that he is faithful to his wife of 12 years, Amanda Biderman, as reported by

However, photos going viral on Twitter and Imgur proclaiming to represent the leaked contents of Biderman's email inbox accuse otherwise.

In fact, Noel has said that Amanda would be devastated if he cheated. It's something that Amanda herself told the women of The View on ABC back in 2013, as seen in the following YouTube segment.

"I would be devastated if [Noel cheated] on me. But I would not blame a website. Ashley Madison is not creating cheaters. It is servicing a need that is there, that exists. And unfortunately, it exists. It's sad."
On Wednesday, however, in the early morning hours after midnight, ominous warnings about something bigger coming about the Ashley Madison hacking began to appear online. Brian Krebs, the same investigative journalist that broke the whole Ashley Madison hacking story wide open, warned of some new Ashley Madison updates on the way.
"I can't tell you how many nights recently I've spent up waaaay too late. you'll know why tonight is another soon"
Big Ashley Madison news is reportedly on the horizon. Would it be the big batch of Ashley Madison photos and chat sessions? Or would it be a big revelation about the Ashley Madison CEO himself? As such, photos began circulating online that reportedly reveal an email conversation allegedly had between Biderman and a woman. The photos come with the title "Ashley Madison CEO Hires Escort," and, if they represent the truth, would be the biggest poetic justice turn of events that hacked Ashley Madison users could write, if the whole hacking scandal were a movie script in need of its next big plot point shift.

The photos display a damning conversation that allegedly happened between Noel — with the subject line "NoelBall from EM" — and "Mila M," with a Canadian email address. The email conversation showed the email address at Avid Life Media asking Mila for photos, and the reply coming back begging for discretion and not to post the photos anywhere online. This conversation reportedly took place on March 28, 2013.

A photo of a pretty brunette with striking eyes and hot pink lips resulted. She is wearing white. In the meantime, an email from the same day shows someone who signed the email as "Noel" asking what time the duo could meet — and for her actual condo address. "Mila M" provides the address, and asks if they can meet at noon -- and seemingly suggests that it will cost $300.

Phone numbers and physical addresses are discussed as the "Noel" and "Mila M" try to nail down a time — one that won't rush the duo. Signed "NB" on one email, the writer says he is looking forward to meeting and can already see where their meeting would be too rushed.

While Ashley Madison reportedly kept prostitutes off the site, reports AOL U.K., even those assertions are being challenged online about Biderman. Noel's leaked emails, as reported by BBC News‎, contain approximately 200,000 emails from the account of Noel alone, and those emails are being examined with a fine tooth comb by folks around the world searching for golden nuggets. Whether the allegations about Biderman and the mysterious "Mila M" are true or Photoshopped fantasies will likely be revealed by Internet forensic experts soon.

[Image via Ashley Madison]