Rihanna Topless Showing Off Her Reptilian Breasts In Her New Where Have You Been Video

Barbados beauty Rihanna has once again sparked quite the controversy as the 24-year-old pop icon published pictures of herself, on May 14, 2012, virtually topless during a photo shoot for her latest single’s new video.

Pictures of the Barbadian recording artist and actress were published on Rihanna’s Facebook page under an album titled Behind the Scenes on “Where Have You Been,” which contains 188 photographs from behind-the-scenes of the set of her new Where Have You Been video.

The video itself, disregarding her latest controversial images for a moment, has received well over 27 million views on YouTube since it was published on April 30, 2012.

The good girl gone bad’s behind-the-scenes photos feature her naked from the waist up, painted with textured body paint intended to appear as reptilian scales over RiRi’s breasts. In regards to her crocodile-like appearance, ChristianPost.com wonders:

“[…] has Rihanna finally gone too far?”

If Irish farmer Alan Graham – who previously requested that Robyn Fenty cease filming of a video, which was being filmed on land he lent to be used for the filming of her video, due to his having had “an ethos” which compelled him to feel “that it was inappropriate” to continue filming after Rihanna donned a risque farmer’s outfit – had an issue with RiRi’s last costume, what do you think he would have to say about the 24-year-old pop icon’s leopard-print robe, lacy bodysuit, and painted naked body?

Rihanna – Where Have You Been Video: