‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Is Missing Yet Again

Even though Kim Richards’ new lawyer, Sara Caplan, says she is doing well and in a program, it seems once again that neither of these things are true. Just as it seems that Richards, recently fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has hit rock bottom, and realizes that she has a disease, she leaves rehab insisting that she is cured.

As reported in the Inquisitr, the family of Kim Richards was scrambling after her shoplifting arrest at Target, which followed her assault arrest in Beverly Hills, to get her held on a 5150 psychiatric hold if she would not spend months in rehab learning about her disease. But things are now even worse for Kyle Richards and family, as Kim Richards has been rumored to escape rehab after telling everyone that she is cured.

In Touch is now saying that after Kim Richards’ family visited her at a rehab facility this weekend, she escaped.

“Kim decided to leave. She just bolted. The staff has no clue where she went, and it was definitely against medical advice. Her family had just visited over the weekend!,” a source told Radar Online.

Radar Online is reporting that the Real Housewives star believes she is free of her pill and alcohol addiction once again, so she deserves her freedom.

“Kim is her own worst enemy. She is going to end up dead if she doesn’t get serious about this!”

According to the Inquisitr, Richards has problems that cannot be fixed in a quick visit to rehab. Her mother was an alcoholic and a regular at the same bar where Kim was arrested recently for public drunkenness. In the book House of Hilton, “Big Kathy” was described as a woman who would hang out in bars, singing and drinking all night so that men would pick up her bar tab. Kim Richards needs rehab to help her realize many of these same patterns.

The Hollywood Gossip is confirming that Richards is obviously impaired if she thinks that her legal problems don’t keep getting worse each time she flees a new rehab facility.

“Running away from her problems seems to be a part of Richards’ M.O., but for once, her family believes her addictions to alcohol and prescription drugs may be advantageous, as they’ll force her to come out of hiding.”

Kim Richards’ sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton, along with her children, are desperate for Kim to be found and returned to rehab as soon as possible.

Do you think Real Housewives’ Kim Richards can avoid doing time for her last two arrests?

[Photo courtesy of Frederick Brown/Getty Images]