WWE News: Daniel Bryan ‘Would Love To Wrestle Kurt Angle’ — Will It Ever Happen?

Former WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan is still on the road to recovery after suffering a concussion this past spring, but just because he’s not an active wrestler at the moment doesn’t mean that he can’t tell people who he would like to get in the ring with in the future.

Last week, a fan posted a video of a Q&A session with Daniel Bryan at a Wizard World convention, where Bryan was asked about who he would like to wrestle in the future, and if he would like to wrestle former WWE and TNA champion Kurt Angle. Bryan responded by simply saying, “I would love to wrestle Kurt Angle.”

Bryan and Angle have been regarded as the two best in-ring performers in pro wrestling over the last decade, so a match between the two would probably end up being a classic, unless one of the two men came into the match badly injured.

Kurt Angle hasn’t wrestled in WWE for nearly a decade, and he didn’t leave WWE on the best of terms. Since his abrupt exit in 2006, WWE has been uninterested in bringing Angle back to the company, as they’ve never even been open to negotiating a deal with Angle any time he has been a free agent.

It’s clear that Angle is nearing the end of his in-ring wrestling career, and he is interested in having at least one more match in WWE. But, with Angle’s history of neck issues, it’s unlikely that he can pass a WWE physical that would allow him back in the ring.

Bryan, on the other hand, has guaranteed that he’ll wrestle again, even though there are some who believe that his in-ring career is over. Several weeks ago, Bryan did say that if WWE never clears him to wrestle, he’ll consider leaving the company so he can wrestle somewhere else. He also said that he has been cleared to return to the ring by his personal doctor, and that the WWE medical staff is hesitant to clear him.

If Bryan is eventually cleared to wrestle, and if WWE changes their stance on Angle, it’s very likely that they would have the two of them wrestle, as it would have the potential to be an all-time classic. But, if WWE brings Angle back to the company, WWE will probably keep Angle away from the ring, and have him be a coach at the WWE Performance Center.

[Image via WWE]