Kanye West Follows Madonna and Beyonce With MTV Award And Gets Mixed Reaction

Even though Kanye West’s record sales have been falling lately, nobody can deny his influence over the past ten years. This is why MTV decided to give him a major award. Billboard has the news.

“Kanye West will be the latest recipient of the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards, which will take place on Sunday night (Aug. 30). MTV announced the special achievement award on Tuesday.”

As Billboard notes, Kanye West hasn’t been confirmed as a performer, but that will probably change. The award and performance would be a perfect time for Kanye West to launch his album SWISH. However, despite West’s achievements, there are people who don’t believe he deserves the award. Some of those people expressed their opinions after the article on Billboard.

“His videos aren’t original or groundbreaking. To think that MJ(which the award is named after) and Madonna and Janet no MTV is giving it to him? Trash!” claims commenter Kat Love, without realizing that both Madonna and Janet Jackson have been honored with the award.

“Great rapper and excellent producer…but the videos? He never really seemed to care that much for them,” says Alan Case.

After an article on People on the same topic, some people defended MTV’s decision to give Kanye the award.

“Lol! Yes he’s an a**, but he is a talented a**, otherwise, sorry folks, he would not have been given awards, made millions, sell out arenas, etc.” says commenter Sue.

“Kanye West deserves this award based on his merits. If you don’t like him as a person, fine. But stop denying what a major icon he is,” says migiore29.

The response on Twitter is mixed.

Kanye West has been a very polarizing figure, especially since he tried to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in 2009. A recent petition posted on Change.org aims to get consumers to boycott Adidas because they are partnering with Kanye West on shoes. The mission statement is harsh.

“Kanye West is a zero-talent egomaniac, a racist, and a person who doesn’t deserve to have an athletic company embrace him with a shoe. Consumers need to boycott Adidas to spread the message that we won’t allow bad people to profit off of bad behavior.”

One can expect a petition to stop MTV from giving West an award to appear soon. Just like he likely did with the other petitions, Kanye West will laugh himself all the way to the bank.

[Photo by Ian Gavan / Getty Images Entertainment]