14-Year-Old Allegedly Devises Murderous Plan Against Grandparents — Now, They’re Dead

Justin Staton, 14, frequently complained about his grandparents to a “friend.” That friend allegedly advised Staton to shoot them. Yet, that was only part of the heinous plan.

Although Justin Staton is only a teen, he is no stranger to the judicial system. During his time at a juvenile detention center, it seems this is where Staton received his murderous idea. After complaining about his grandparents, a friend of his suggested shooting them as a means of resolve, reports Daily Mail.

The idea reportedly came from 17-year-old Hunter Drexler. It’s not reported whether he knew Robert or Patricia Cogdell — the grandparents. Yet, he was allegedly involved in the crime.

Nevertheless, Justin Staton went along with the idea. On July 21, 2015, he allegedly shot both Cogdells in cold blood. Fox News mentions that the crime scene was in Conway, Arkansas, approximately 30 miles north of Little Rock. The court’s affidavit gave more detail about Justin’s treacherous plan.

“Justin’s plan was to shoot and kill his grandparents, split a large sum of money and credit cards between the three of them and then they would all run away. Justin estimated their take at $50,000 to $90,000.”

What’s possibly worse is that, according to New York Post, biological documents showed that the grandparents weren’t of blood relation to Staton. Simply, the elderly couple took him in and raised him as if he were their own. Unfortunately, the teen showed gratitude by allegedly killing them and dragging their bodies into a wooded area behind the residence.

Justin Staton has been charged with two counts of capital murder — and if convicted, he could face up to life imprisonment. During today’s arraignment, the 14-year-old — as well as Drexler — pleaded not guilty to the murder charges. He’s supposed to return to Faulkner County Circuit Court for the pretrial hearing on October 28, 2015.

Daily Mail also reports that there was another 17-year-old involved in the incident. All three allegedly conspired and implemented together.

The same source says that the investigation sparked when Robert Cogdell, Maumelle Public Works Director, didn’t show up for work — no call, no show. Both Robert and Patricia were 66 years of age.

What do you think about Justin Staton and his alleged murderous plan? Should he be sentenced as an adult and receive capital murder convictions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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