The Most Popular Back To School Items Of The Year Should Be On Your Shopping List

Millions of students around the world went back to school Monday, and millions more will be returning in the coming weeks. The time for kids to return to school is always bittersweet. It’s exciting to have your days back, but sad that your kids aren’t around the house all day long.

This year, stores have a lot to be excited about with the back to school season. The most popular items for school this year are revealing themselves as they fly off the shelf. Parents looking to keep their kids happy will need to look for these popular back to school items.

Superhero Backpack for Your Littles

The Marvel and DC franchises haven’t lost any steam this year, and it’s very cool for kids grades K-5 to be seen sporting a superhero backpack.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … a school supply trend!” says an article from Star Telegram on the most popular back to school items. “The coolest backpacks, lunchboxes, folders and pencils this year bear the images of kids’ favorite superheroes. Blame Hollywood — or thank it, if the characters get your kids excited about going back to school.”

Disney characters, such as from Frozen and Inside Out are also extremely popular for school supplies.

Clothes for the Middle Schoolers

Grades 6-8 walk the line between loving superheroes and Disney characters and being too cool for school. Though your seventh grader probably won’t turn up her nose at a Frozen-themed notebook, your best bet for helping her feel stylish and cool is getting her the right clothing.

This is a difficult challenge. Kids of this age are moving at a fast pace, and the latest trends and fads are moving even faster. The best thing you can do is let your tweens shop for themselves. Take them to the mall and let them flit from shop to shop, finding the styles that they like. Help them look for great deals, but let them express their creativity through their clothing.

Gadgets for High School

By this point, your high school students will have learned to shop for their own clothing, and what they’ll really want is electronics. “It used to be that teen pocket money went to clothes, pizza, and movies,” says an article from US News Money. “Now, teens must have smartphones.” They also want tablets and laptops for school. In fact, many schools are looking to mandate laptops on students’ school supplies lists.

Gadgets are a necessity, the article states, “but that means there’s less money for clothes and accessories.” Be careful when shopping for gadgets for your kids. It’s easy for the cost of gadgets for your teenagers to quickly overtake your budget. Shop back to school deals and carefully look around for the products that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Find Gifts for the Teacher

As you search for the perfect back to school items for your kids, don’t forget teacher gifts. Giving gifts to your children’s educators is the perfect way to start school right. Personalized cards, punny homespun gifts, and homemade goodies are popular options, but it’s best to give a gift that’s delightful, but also useful for teachers. They’re on a tight budget, and the best gifts are those they can use throughout the year.

“Consider welcoming your children’s teachers back to the classroom with a beautiful bouquet, a small reminder that summer was not too long ago and that you appreciate their work,” says an article from FTD. “Long after the flowers are gone, teachers can use the decorative mason jar as a pen and pencil holder or candy jar for their sweet treats.”

If you haven’t mastered this year’s back to school trends, it’s not too late. There’s still plenty of time to take advantage of the back to school deals and get your kids ready for the new school year.

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