Teacher Adds A Touch Of Magic To Classroom With ‘Harry Potter’ Theme

A lucky few in this Muggle-filled world are set to join the illustrious world of Harry Potter in September due to their teacher’s love of the series. On the heels of the announcements regarding an upcoming Harry Potter spin-off, one teacher has transformed her classroom into a magical place for her students. Sticking only to elements from the first novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the classroom is now a portal.

Stephanie Stephens, 31, is a teacher at James L. Capps Middle School in Oklahoma City, and is sure to bring inspiration to the students this semester. Photos of Mrs. Stephen’s classroom went viral after her husband proudly posted them on Reddit.

The students will first be beckoned within the magical classroom by a door that has been transformed into the infamous platform 9 ¾; this one does require opening though. Although no Hogwarts Express awaits them behind the door, the destination is still sure to be a delight. On the inside students will be greeted by a giant board with a minimalist portrait of Harry that includes just his signature glasses and lightning bolt scar. Beside the board is a replica of the Dursley’s Privet Drive fireplace, complete with Harry’s Hogwarts letters spewing forth from it.

Each wall has its own theme in fact. One is complete with a potions section displaying bottles of “potions” such as truth serum, Flesh-Eating Slug Repellant, and Amortentia, among others. One section of the room even holds winged keys in tribute to the flying keys of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone novel, and here and there plush toy replicas of a few of the famous animals of the story can be spotted.

“Books turn Muggles into Wizards” is a sign that adorns Mrs. Stephens’ reading room, and inspirational quotes from J.K. Rowling line the walls. The self-sorted and placed Hufflepuff member also has an area designated to sorting the classes into different Hogwarts houses where they will be given the chance to earn house points based on their behavior. In a letter to ABC’s Good Morning America, Mrs. Stephens wrote of her own excitement as well.

“One of the toughest things as a reading teacher is instilling a love of reading in students that do not like reading. This year, I chose to go with a Harry Potter theme because if I am excited and enthusiastic, students tend to follow suit. My goal is to help students find at least one book or genre that they can find exciting and be as enthusiastic about as I am regarding Harry Potter.”

There’s also a prefect desk where Mrs. Stephens will bestow the honor of working with her more to the person who upholds their school beliefs, which are: “Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Prompt.”

Mrs. Stephens says that even though her classroom has gone viral, she did this just for her students’ inspiration and learning.

“My students mean the world to me and I hope my enthusiasm for reading will transfer to each and every one of my kids.”

The children returned to school on August 20 and were all amazed by the teacher’s thoughtfulness. Stephanie mentioned that the students are quite excited to be prefects and most excited about the potions section.

It could be safe to say that this will be a very interesting year in Mrs. Stephens’ class.

Several pictures of the inspirational and fun classroom can be viewed below, courtesy of Mr. Stephens’ post.

[Images from 86thdj/Reddit]