June 29, 2017
Jade Roper Spoils 'Bachelor In Paradise' Finale, Reveals She's Living With Tanner Tolbert

Bachelor in Paradise star Jade Roper leaked out information on Periscope that all but gave away the ending to her love story on ABC's summer reality show. Although Jade didn't follow in the footsteps of Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and send out a photo of herself lying in bed with Tanner Tolbert, she did give her followers a major clue about her current relationship status. [Spoilers ahead]

According to Reality Steve, one of Jade's Periscope (@jadelizroper) followers was able to take a screenshot of Jade's Periscope broadcast on Sunday night. Unfortunately, Jade forgot to make her location private and it showed that she was just outside of Kansas City — coincidentally Tanner's hometown.

Once Jade's followers alerted her that her location was visible, she stopped the Periscope broadcast and returned minutes later with the location feature turned off and stated that she had "technical difficulties."

For fans who thought Jade moved from L.A. to Nashville to live with her friend and Paradise co-star Carly Waddell, Steve states that she is not living with Carly and is spending the majority of her time in Kansas City with Tanner.

"They are engaged, and yes Carly and Jade both moved to Nashville, but aren't living together. They got their own places. However, Jade's essentially been living with Tanner in Kansas City since the show ended, so there's that."
Does the Periscope leak mean that Jade is engaged to Tanner and fans will see another Bachelor in Paradise wedding next season?

Jade and Tanner have been a couple since their first week of Bachelor in Paradise when they scored one of the first one-on-one dates. Since then, their connection has been similar to Lacy and Marcus who got engaged on Season 1 and married at the beginning of the current season of BIP.

In a recent interview with Reality TV World, Jade hinted about how things turned out with Tanner, stating that she hoped to leave Paradise with someone that she loves so she could see how the relationship "develops in the real world."

On the most recent episode on Monday night, Jade and Tanner enjoyed an overnight date and admitted they were falling in love with each other. Add the location of her most recent Periscope and Reality Steve's confirmation that Tanner proposes to Jade on the season finale to the mix and it's obvious that they left the show in a relationship — and possibly engaged.

With just two weeks to go before the Bachelor in Paradise season finale (September 7), fans will soon find out if the spoilers — and Jade's Periscope — are true and they are next in line for a Bachelor in Paradise wedding.

Do you think Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert will get engaged and make it as a couple after the show ends?

[Image: ABC]