Niall Horan’s 1D Break May Begin A Sports Binge

One Direction fans have been rocked with the news that 1D will officially take a break in 2016, but which direction will Niall Horan go?

On August 24, Niall Horan wrote on Twitter, “Ok so Lots of rumors going round. We are not splitting up, but we will be taking a well earned break at some point next year.”

According to a Billboard Magazine article published on August 25, Julian Bunetta, the producer/songwriter for One Direction, said Niall Horan and 1D knew for a while they were going to take a break in 2016.

As if suggesting that Niall Horan or One Direction might take a break from music for another interest like sports, Bunetta says, “There was a feeling of, ‘Well, we’re going to take a break, and anything in the world can happen during that time off.'”

Despite suggestions by People that quote Niall Horan on August 24 saying “[One Direction] still have lots we want to achieve” — is it possible that Niall Horan will take on sports during his One Direction 2016 break?

After all, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Niall Horan and sports-related headlines are adding up over 2015. Making things interesting, Niall Horan got a recent offer from footballers. On August 24 Chris Kamara, a popular British ex-footballer and current sports TV presenter, recently accepted Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson’s Twitter offer.

As per Louis’ request, he and Niall Horan will be giving commentary about an upcoming football derby (tournament). Kamara even offered to get Niall Horan the deal before “Crimbo” (Christmas) and possibly will include Ben Shepherd (from Good Morning Britain) in the deal.

Of course, in addition to football/soccer, Niall Horan always seems to be interested in golf. Along with having an upcoming performance in Boston on September 12 with pro golfer Rory McIlroy, Niall Horan teed off with him in August, according to Rory’s Twitter account.

On August 21, Belfast Live goes as far as to say the continuing relationship between Niall Horan and Rory McIlroy is a golfing “friendship.”

But are there any major red flags that Niall Horan will be putting sports first during the One Direction break?

On August 14, Gossie quotes Niall Horan’s interview with BBC1 and Scott Mills on August 10 talking about putting more sports in his future.

“We meet people who do the same thing as us and I don’t know… you don’t get star struck or anything like that but I always find, with sports players, footballers especially you get butterflies in your stomach… I’d love to do another charity football game or something like that and get all the Ronaldo’s and the Messi’s of the world and stick them all on one pitch, that would be pretty cool.”


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