Are Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Getting Back Together?

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters ended a three-year engagement in June, also calling off their engagement, to the dismay of their fans, but it seems that the two have, at the very least, remained on friendly terms. Roberts and Peters were seen leaving Izakaya restaurant on Sunday evening and they were both smiling as they walked through the parking lot.

Ryan Murphy has previously revealed that he’s putting Emma back together with Evan on-screen in American Horror Story: Hotel and being thrown together for work can often bring couples closer together, so it may be that filming the scenes has done something to spark an old romance between Roberts and Peters.

In June, when Emma joined the American Horror Story panel at Comic Con, a source close to Ms. Roberts implied that the break-up was not due to any specific conflict, according to People magazine.

“They grew apart. They both had a lot of growing to do, and it was better that they do it on their own.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Philly reports that a photographer for WENN spent the day trailing Emma and Evan. The photographer revealed that the two American Horror Story co-stars had spent the day shopping, before stopping for their dinner date at the Italian restaurant in West Hollywood.

“They were holding hands when I first spotted them. I tried to be discreet but they stopped holding hands when they saw me. They definitely looked like a couple.”

In addition to their romance, Roberts and Peters have worked together throughout several seasons of American Horror Story and, during the Coven season, Evan revealed that having Emma there in New Orleans with him had made the experience that much more enticing.

“You’re at set and you’re in a city that you don’t really know that well,” Peters said. “It’s nice to have your best friend there to go to dinner with and check out the city.”

Many criticized and have not forgotten that Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence against Peters in July 2013, but both parties seem to have moved past the incident and left it in the past.

“It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding” representatives for both Roberts and Peters said in a joint statement. “Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it.”

[Featured image: Emma Roberts and Evan Peters courtesy of Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival]