Malachi Bradley: 10-Year-Old Boy Survives Utah Wilderness Alone

Malachi Bradley, a 10-year-old boy, survived in the Utah wilderness for more than a day, alone. Thankfully, he was found safe and is now reunited with his family, but how was he able to overcome the elements?

According to NBC News, an all out search was going on for the 10-year-old boy after he went missing while visiting Utah’s High Uintas Wilderness, the state’s largest mountain range. The site includes several peaks that exceed 13,000 feet.

When he went missing on Sunday, Malachi Bradley and his family were hiking near Paul Lake. They decided to go fishing and started a three-mile trek, authorities said Monday. However, the 10-year-old went searching for wild mushrooms which he planned to cook for dinner later that day, along with some fish he’d caught earlier.

The boy hiked to Paul Lake with his brother, his sister, his father, and his father’s friend when he walked away about 10:30 a.m., Uintah County Sheriff Vance Norton said. When he didn’t come back for about 30 minutes, Malachi Bradley’s concerned dad hiked back to the main campground where he was able to get reception on his cell phone to call 911.

CBS reported Monday that about 80 searchers were looking for the 10-year-old boy in the area, which is known for its dense foliage, and they were concerned that Malachi Bradley could run into trouble if the temperatures dipped overnight. Hypothermia was a real possibility at that high elevation.

In the end, Malachi Bradley was lost for 28-hours while his family desperately waited for news, but survived being lost alone in the rugged wilderness, thanks to his dad. The 10-year-old’s father had taught him survival skills from a young age as well as showing him what to do if he ever got lost.

“There’s just a ton of giant rocks, so I hid between four of them so the wind wouldn’t hit me too much,” Malachi told reporters late Monday after spending 28 hours lost.

“Just a week ago, he was camping, and he and a friend were playing ‘What would we do if we got lost?’” Malachi Bradley’s aunt, Lori Matthews said. “They were doing all the things you’d want them to do if you were lost.”

Personnel from neighboring counties as well as the Ute Indian Tribe helped in the search for Malachi Bradley who was reunited with his relieved family on Monday at around 3 p.m. local time.

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