Jesus Returns! This Time In A Cocktail Cabinet

Jesus Christ has a way of popping up in the oddest of places and he has once again shown his face, this time in a cocktail cabinet in Plymouth, U.K.

According to the Daily Mail, Robert Burgess-Moon, a 35-year-old church organist, went out and bought himself an antique cocktail cabinet that he found advertised in a newspaper. He brought his new treasure home, stocked it with his old glasses and decanters, and polished it up. Later on, as he watched TV, he apparently felt as though someone was looking at him. That’s when he looked over and noticed the face of Jesus Christ staring back at him from the wood grain of his new cabinet.

The Telegraph reports Mr. Burgess-Moon’s reaction to his amazing discovery.

“I thought ‘There’s a face looking at me through the cabinet’, it looked like the face of Jesus, the image everybody has of him. We were quite shocked really, it was just not something you expect, it’s like a Holy Spirit cabinet now.”

His partner, Martin (no last name given by Yahoo News), apparently was a tad skeptical that Jesus Christ’s face had been brought into his home on a cocktail cabinet. But Robert insisted it was the face of Jesus Christ, and Martin appears to now be convinced.

According to the North Devon Journal, Robert Burgess-Moon is somewhat of a magnet for interesting phenomenon. It appears that not only is his house now a home for Jesus Christ, it may also be haunted by a less divine spirit.

“When I asked the neighbours they said apparently one of the previous tenants actually died in a bed in that corner. Whenever I have taken pictures in that area there have always been shades of colour on the photos.”

This is not the first time that Jesus has appeared to the masses in rather bizarre ways. Jesus Christ likes to show up in everything from bananas to pancakes, grilled cheese, and potato chips. Buzzfeed outlines just some of the ways Jesus Christ has graced the world with its presence with photographic evidence.

So, have all of these people actually found Jesus Christ in the items they have? According to CTV News, a 2014 study by lead author and University of Toronto professor Kang Lee, titled “Seeing Jesus in toast: Neural and behavioral correlates of face pareidolia,” addresses the phenomenon. Simply put, it’s just a matter of how the brain interprets what it sees.

“I think probably this is first time we are actually telling people: ‘This is OK for you to see Jesus on toast….People used to laugh at people reporting seeing things like this. So we are confirming that actually it’s a very normal part of our perception.”

The question is, where will Jesus Christ show up next?

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