Puppy Trapped In Pipe Rescued By Phoenix Police During Drug Raid, 10-Hour Rescue A Success

Phoenix, Arizona police officers who were delivering a drug related warrant during a raid found themselves switching focus after a puppy was discovered stuck in a pipe in the home.

Fox News shared that the drug raid turned rescue after an officer heard the puppy in a sewage pipe, turning the situation into a 10-hour ling rescue mission.

In the home, officers found the puppy’s mother and two dead siblings, each assumed to be strays. Officers worked diligently to rescue the puppy from a 3-inch wide sewage pipe that led under the house, hoping to reunite it with its mother.

Police worked alongside the Humane Society and a plumber to gain access to the stranded and stuck pup, not realizing it would take nearly 10 hours to set the puppy free. KTLA 5 stated that the puppy is only a week or two old, and a camera was sent through the pipe to determine the puppy’s location and monitor its condition during the rescue attempt.

The puppy is believed to be a pit bull and terrier mix. Upon being rescued, the group of rescuers were relieved and excited to save the puppy from a sure death. Nicole McCormick of the Arizona Humane Society was relieved that their efforts did not go to waste.

“Oh my God, I’m so relieved. I don’t want to cry. Oh, it’s been all day. I’m so glad he’s OK.”

The puppy and its mother are thought to have been strays and not pets of the individuals the drug warrant was issued to. There is no word on whether the individuals that were raided were caught or if they were even home at the time.

The puppy was taken to the Arizona Humane Society for treatment, as was its mother, and is expected to be carefully monitored while it grows strong enough and old enough to be put up for adoption. Due to the heavy press coverage, it is not expected that the puppy will be hard to adopt out. They expect to receive a waiting list of individuals to take ownership of the rescued pup.

The mother of the puppy was excited to be reunited with her puppy and appreciative of the effort that all of the rescuers put in to save her puppy. Although they could not save the ones that already died, they were not about to let it happen to the remaining puppy.

[Photo Courtesy Arizona Humane Society]