The Richards Family Visits Kim Richards In Rehab [Report]

The Richards family has reportedly paid a visit to Kim Richards, who is said to be seeking treatment in a rehab facility in Los Angeles. On August 24, a source told Radar Online two of Richards’ children, including her son, Chad Davis, “visited their mother at her rehab and were very happy with the improvement.”

“She has been actively participating in going to meetings, and Kim’s doctors thought it was a good time for the kids to visit.”

Although the Richards family’s visit was an exciting moment for Kim, it was also a bit sad, as her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, was unable to make it due to his ongoing struggles with cancer.

“It was bittersweet because her beloved ex-husband, Monty, is battling terminal cancer and was unable to make the trip because his health has been continuing to decline. But Monty and Kim continue to be in daily contact over the phone.”

According to the Radar Online insider, Richards is reportedly planning to stay in treatment for at least two months, which is sure to come as good news to the entire Richards family. However, because of her ongoing struggles and past history of leaving rehab, its hard to say for sure if the 60-day plan will be completed or not. Still, the Richards family is said to be staying positive, hoping for the best when it comes to Richards’ rehab stay.

Her children “are cautiously hopeful that Kim is finally on the road to wellness,” the insider added.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Richards family was said to have threatened to cut Richards off financially if she didn’t seek treatment for her addiction to alcohol.

“They were at the end of their rope trying to get her help and decided to force her to get it,” an insider told Radar Online of the Richards family last week.

“[Kim Richards] finally realized that she needed help and is truly committed to getting it. She voluntarily checked into an inpatient facility in Orange County. The family has been very supportive of this move… [Kim Richards] hit rock bottom and is finally ready to do the work needed to get her life back on track.”

Although it has yet to be confirmed, the Richards family, including Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton, Kim’s sisters, have allegedly been helping the troubled reality star for years, most recently giving her a place to stay at the guest house of Hilton and her husband.

The Richards family has not yet issued a public statement regarding Richards’ latest rehab stay.

[Photo via Twitter]