Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume Makes Fans And Transgender Advocates Furious

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes are reported to be sold at select retailers this year. This recent news is making both transgender advocates and fans of the I Am Cait star furious.

Spirit Halloween is introducing the very first Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume at its pop-up locations in New York City, according to a previous report via the New York Daily News. The company’s head of PR and marketing explained why there’s a need for such a costume.

“Caitlyn Jenner has proven to be the most important real-life superhero of the year, and Spirit Halloween is proud to carry the costume that celebrates her.”

Lombardo would not reveal any details of the costume, which is set to go on sale within the next four to six weeks. Spirit Halloween fully believes that a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume is not insensitive or distasteful to the transgender community. In a statement to the Huffington Post, Lombardo says that the decision to sell the costume is not to make fun at transgender women.

“At Spirit Halloween, we create a wide range of costumes that are often based upon celebrities, public figures, heroes, and superheroes. We feel that Caitlyn Jenner is all the above and that she should be celebrated. The Caitlyn Jenner costume reflects just that.”

This news is making Caitlyn Jenner’s fans furious. Even advocates of the trans community have expressed their frustrations over the Halloween costume. Vincent Villano, director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, expressed his concerns over the Caitlyn Jenner costume.

“There’s no tasteful way to ‘celebrate’ Caitlyn Jenner or respect transgender people this way on the one night of the year when people use their most twisted imaginations to pretend to be villians and monsters.”

Even Hollywood Life contributor Jason Brow finds the costume offensive, even though it hasn’t hit the store’s shelves yet.

“Really, Spirit Halloween? I still can’t believe that you’re going to sell a Caitlyn Jenner costume during this coming holiday season. While the costume is supposed to celebrate the I Am Cait star, with your poor history of selling culturally insensitive outfits, I think it will do the opposite. Before it’s too late, you need to pull the costume from your shelves.”

This isn’t the first time that Spirit Halloween has caused controversy for selling inappropriate costumes. Around Cinqo de Mayo, they decided to “celebrate” Mexicans by selling a costume that has a sombrero, poncho, and mustache, which just reinforces stereotypes. The store also “celebrates” Native Americans by featuring sexy and racist costumes on their website. Spirit Halloween also sells “Kosher Hotdog” costumes, which is offensive to Jewish people.

Last year, Spirit Halloween made headlines when it sold a “Slenderman” costume, a reference to a fictional character that inspired two teens to murder their friend in May of that same year.

Halloween stores selling costumes of celebrities and other characters is nothing new. But the problem is that Spirit only sells costumes of fictional characters, not of reality stars and other celebrities. Since they’re known for selling offensive costumes, it’s safe to say that Spirit’s interests are not well-intended.

Some of Caitlyn Jenner’s fans are asking others to boycott Spirit Halloween. There are Halloween shops like Pure Costumes that don’t sell offensive costumes or inappropriate costumes. Instead, they intend on only selling costumes of fictional characters that have made an impact on pop culture. To them, family and integrity is more important that causing controversy.

“Without integrity, families won’t work, attitude can’t be positive, passion can be misplaced, and innovation can be dangerous. At the end of the day, we’re here to do things right. Because of that, we’re not afraid to stand behind our products, service, and company.”

Neither Caitlyn Jenner nor her rep has responded to the reports. Do you think Spirit Halloween should pull the costume before it even hits stores? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Nederlander]