Drake And Serena Williams: Photos Leaked Of The Pair Getting Hot And Heavy Amid Dating Rumors

Since Drake was spotted watching “good friend” Serena Williams at Wimbledon, rumors have circulated around the famous pair that things were more than just friendly between the two.

Since then, Drake has accompanied Serena Williams to several of her tennis matches, while the two have dodged rumors that they were dating. Now, photos have leaked of Drake and Williams getting hot and heavy, and it’s going to be pretty hard to deny that they’re just good friends. If these photos are evidence, it looks like Drake is about to get in his feelings about Serena Williams. Heck, he might even write a whole album about her.

According to TMZ, Drake and Serena were spotted at a hoity toity Italian restaurant in Cincinnati on Sunday night. After Serena won the WTA tournament in Cincinnati, the two hit the restaurant called Sotto. The two requested a private room in the back, perhaps so they could avoid being seen by fans.

That said, the two weren’t alone. According to a source, Drake and Serena were joined by six other people. The group were in a mood to celebrate, as they ordered tequila shots for the table. While we don’t know what the two chose for their entrees, it doesn’t really matter, as this pair seemed to be more interested in each other, anyway.

Here’s the photos of Drake and Serena Williams getting hot and heavy with each other.

i am sooooooo here for drake and serena williams being together pic.twitter.com/d1M4M6Ouk7

— wine mom (@celestialshawty) August 24, 2015

Back when rumors started during Wimbledon, a source said the following of the pair.

“Publicly she says they’re just friends but Drake has been by Serena’s side throughout the tournament, and when they’ve been away from the public and relaxed, it’s been pretty obvious that they are together.”

As expected, social media once again is hyped about this potential power couple.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images]